New Willier 101..

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by gravity

From the uber cool cento uno to this?? :noidea:

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by g_doraz

I love it....and want it....
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by Imaking20

It looks like they collaborated with BMC.

I can't decide yet how I feel about it.

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by Doyler

I hate it.

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by MarkGiardini

The bob looks mad, the other one looks like Ronald McDonald threw up on it ..
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by jmilliron

Could look okay with a better build. Not too exciting to me. Wouldn't want one over my Cento1SR.

Doyler wrote:Looks to be a few teasers here..." onclick=";return false;

Pic on page 87 onwards for the Air.

The photos in there of the Air are much more attractive. But still not something I'd be interested in. On the other hand, that Tri Color SR is a thing!
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by Monkeyboy3333

bob looks great red on black looks just plain awful

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by jooo

My first thought was that it looks a lot like the Merida 'BMC copy'


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by prendrefeu

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by yongkun

The Merida bike seems to have been out way before the BMC

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by tinozee

That Merida looks awesome aside from the colors.

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by bombertodd

g_doraz wrote:I love it....and want it....

Me too! Any color but red.

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by chazmtb

I see where they are trying to go with the new 101 and the aerodynamic aspects of the bike, but I my opinion, the 101 superleggera is one of the best looking bike ever produced. I'm a little biased though.

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by chazmtb

Actually the new air looks like a cross between a 101sr front end and a blade rear end.

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