which crankset and does it come with a bottoom bracket

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by downings

i am not too sure if i should be getting an sram red crankset or a fsa k force crankset
i am not too sur as well if both these crankses will come with a bottom bracket

has any body bought these two cranksets and can comment on wether they are any good or not?

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by davidalone

First, there are many different Bottom bracket standards available. what bottom bracket you require will depend on your frame- BB 30? BB86? BB90? standard 68mm english threaded? italian threaded? BBright? ISIS? if you absolutely do not know, go down to a shop and ask them what bottom bracket your frame is using.

Some of these standards (BB30, BB86) do not require a bottom bracket as the bearings are already press fit into the frame. if you are using an older standard, such as ISIS or hollowtech or sram GXP, then you will need a bottom bracket that is installed into the frame. if you are buying a new crankset of any of these standards, Almost all will come with a bottom bracket.

Do note that not all cranks are available in all configurations, so check before you buy- i.e. if your frame is BB30, buy a BB30 crank. to my knowledge SRAM red and FSA K force light are both only available in GXP and BB30. there do exist adaptors to fit different cranks to different frames, but I am not a fan of messing around with these.

I am currently using the FSA K force light crank.retail price is massive high, but I got it for a good price. it looks good, performs decently. shifting is not as good as some others like Dura ace but it is good enough. Sram red is also good, and may be much cheaper than the K force light. may be more value, I suppose. whichever you choose you won't be disappointed.

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by Stolichnaya

ISIS is an BB axel standard, not a BB shell standard.

Davidalone is generally on the right track, start by identifying what BB your frame has and go from there.

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