Buying upgradable, light touring capable road bike for $700

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by flashpacker

I know most of the people posting here are spending much higher budgets but I thought people might have good info anyway.

I don't bike when I'm at home, only when travelling (about 3 months a year). I've been oscillating between the idea of (1) buying a folder or (2) buying a road/cross bike and copping the airline fees. At the moment I'm leaning toward the nonfolding option b/c cheaper folders are heavy and I think I'd enjoy regular sized wheels a lot more.

I'm 110lb, 5'3, female, short torso, not very fit or strong, and really not interested in a bike that weights more than 20lbs (often when travelling am taking the bike up and down apartment and subway stairs). I prefer drops.

I'd like to spend around $700 on something that is a sensible choice for upgrading later but a decent ride now. The budget is somewhat flexible, more flexible than the 20lb weight goal but, if I can do it for close to $700 I'd really like to.

Maybe some suggestions of second hand models to look for on ebay and craigslist? Models that are likely to come up relatively frequently?

Of course the idea of a build is super appealing but it seems just the groupo would take up almost all my budget.

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by Frankie - B

Maybe you should try another forum like Bike forums for that. Weight Weenies is about high tech and light weight. We love to see enthusiastic people on the forum, but please ask this question else where.

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