A second look at the Token TBT+ ceramic BB

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by Frankie - B

As most of you probably know I met the folks of Token last year and the offered to give me a few cycling goodies so that I could try them out. I was blown away by the kind offer and accepted it. A few weeks later I found a big box on my doorstep with in it more then just a BB. But since this is about the Bottom Bracket lets keep it at that.

Here is a quick look at the first look

I was quick to install the BB and with that I didn't look up a manual. And yes, I made an error, i left out a shim thinking that it wasn't needed on my road bike. Oh, and it was extra weight. So without the shim the BB worked, and It didn't even have any play in it. but after a few hundred K it started to rock bad. And with bad I mean real BAD! 20 kilometers into a planned to be long ride the poor thing gave up.
I had successfully destroyed the right bearing as the outer race was completely shattered into pieces and the balls where nowhere to be found. A quick call to the team car (read wife) and I was at home within 30 minutes. There I found myself thinking what could have gone wrong. Since i couldn't figure it out I emailed jack from Token. He was very helpful and asked me a few questions that led to my mistake. After finding out that I was the one who was at fault he was even so kind to send me a new right hand cup with bearing and all the spacers.

Token have developed a spacer that works with their BB's so you can use the BB for shimano style (24mm) and GXP style (sram and truvativ) spindles. it is simply a matter of placing the spacer inside the left cup before installing the spindle and you are all set.

After my BB was complete again I installed it swift and by following the manual I ensured that mistakes were from the past. This BB is like most of them a Fit and Forget item. Because of that i think it is good to know that they use TBT+ bearings in some of their products (and this BB) this is their marketing blurb about TBT+
We use highest grade ceramic balls like most others, but that is where the similarity ends. We use a Titanium coated Stainless Steel race in the bearings. The ceramic balls and the titanium coated races have the same hardness – lasting longer – less damage, rolling smoother, less friction. Titanium doesn’t rust- Even the stainless steel bearings eventually will rust, but we covered it with titanium making it more durable and lasting longer.

My findings? I like what I feel with the bearings. they run smooth and fast. I really forget the BB is there, which is a good thing. I have since the new BB done a few thousand K's without any trouble. I hope I can add. much, much more. if you are looking for a replacement of your current BB i can vouch for this one.

Token do not pay me. I let them know that if they give me items to try I will give my honest view on the product.
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