Problem with Fulcrum Racing Speed XLR wheel decals

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by poppiholla

I bought these super tubular wheels in november 2011 and a few months ago the decals started to come off. The top layer of the decal or film came loose and as a result of that the decal itself had no protection from rain and dirt anymore so they were damaged in a few weeks also. I always use the right and not aggresive cleaning fluid. I only use some acetone to clean the rim for the tubes.
Anyway, Fulcrum in the Netherlands cannot deliver new decals because the don't have them. I am totally biased here. It should not be possible that the decals of such expensive wheels came off that soon. I should get new decals under warrenty but the can only say that the cannot deliver them anymore. What shall I do?
Can Fulcrum USA send me some new decals? Do you have ideas?




I already ordered some decals at, but the quality of these decals are very bad. I cannot recommend them to anybody.


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by Kjetil

Take them off like a true weight weenie would. :thumbup:

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by derosaprotos

Afraid I can't offer a solution but I had exactly the same problem with my fulcrum zeros. After having cleaned them about 3 times, the decals started to rub off as can be seen in your last photo.

Even before this, they had curled at the ends. It was irritating but I didn't want to take them off as I liked having them on.

Just purchased some fulcrum 3's as training wheels. 2 weeks in and i haven't cleaned them yet but no signs of curling/peeling etc just yet. Not hopeful that they'll stay on for very long.

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