Bontrager Race XXX Lite Tubular

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by mrg13


What is your opinion about Bontrager Race XXX Lite Tubular x 23?

- 290tpi Polycotton casing with Kevlar reinforcement for added casing strength

- Kevlar reinforced silica compounds

- Pressure rating of 115-200psi (8-14 bar)

- Weight 255g

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

I believe they are still made by vittoria. I had a set I rode for a bit and they rode well

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by rgkicksbutt

I'm using a set at the moment.

272 and 278 grams.

Ride pretty nice, can't tell a difference between them and a set of vit corsa's

Only 3 races (just about 500 km on them). No sign of wear yet. one race was particularly rough with very broken up/rutted sections of pavement, no cuts or anything yet. Price is pretty decent too.

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by coloclimber

Low rolling resistance in tests, decent cut resistance, nice cornering, easy to mount up straight, but lower than average durability in my experiences with a few pairs.
-Deacon Doctor Colorado Slim

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by shill

they are rebranded vittorias.

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by bart1313

I love them, 2 races on them (1 crit, 1 road) plus about a thousand training hours. Ride great and still look brand new.

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by rc32

shill wrote:they are rebranded vittorias.

Not that there's anything wrong with that :mrgreen:

And, yes,for the record, they are rebranded Vittorias and they are quite nice. I got most of mine for less than half of MSRP, though.

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by allanhu88

they are rebranded vittoras, I can't tell the difference... haha

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by mtnbkr

How is the durability of these tubulars? How do these compare to the Race X Lite Pro? They're slightly cheaper? Maybe more durable?

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by CoachPotatoBilly

****I've used the X Lite Pro on several sets of wheels and have been pleased with them. They mount straight and have a kevlar belt, weight about 255-270 grams and are 22mm wide when inflated to about 120 psi. I save a bit of $$ over the XXX lite and have noticed no difference in performance. They are supple tires - not Veloflex supple but much better IMO than Conti Sprinters or even the Comp GP which have always seemed a bit stiff.

I think they are a good value for a crit type setup on standard width rims but prefer a bit more width for wider rims. I still think Veloflex or the new 320tpi Vittoria's are better for TT's and pretty much anything else on decent quality roads. I use the Race X Lite Pro for not so great road conditions but I am a smaller guy so can get away with a narrower tire than other folks.

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by ECT

I have put about 6 races and about 450 kilometers of rough pavement on them, and the rear is just starting to show very slight wear on the tread pattern. Very nice ride quality in my opinion, only thing I was disappointed about was the weight, at 278 grams each.

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