BB Bearing Removal (Trek Madone 6.9)

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by baldkingpin

Have switched over from bb30 (Cannondale and BMC) to Trek. Diggin' my new 6.9SSL but, alas, my pretty Enduro bb30 bottom bracket tools won't work on Trek's smaller bb bearings. I've got several presses that will work to press bearings in, but what's the best way to safely remove the bb bearings? Not interested in buying the Enduro-specific tool as I may only have this bike for a season.

Can I carefully punch the bearings out with a dowel by moving around in a circle from the other side of the shell? I know the bearings will likely be toast after that due to the uneven load/force (another great thing about the Enduro tools), but that's fine. My only concern is damaging/deforming the carbon bearing surface in the bb shell. Don't need a wrecked frame...

Thanks, all.

Oh, bonus points for this one. The bearings that came with Madone are ceramic. Are these decent? I ask b/c the ceramic bb bearings that came with my Super6's were always lousy and failed very quickly. I always replaced them with high quality standard bearings that lasted forever. Not a big fan of ceramic bearings for the bb.

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by darkblue08

I used a hammer and a flat screwdriver, when Im not reusing the bearing. But will have to by a propper tool for it. i guess you need a tool that fits 24mm press-fit bearings. Parttool a removal tool for BB90.

I used the steel bearing from Trek, but one of them only lasted 200 km. They said they had problems with bearings that was not sealed properly. I use FSA steel bearing right now, they seem to run good after 2000km. But BB90 bearings are hard to find, compared to other bottom bracket bearings.

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by clarkson

My 2011 madone had enduro steel bearings which were spectacular. no complaints after 15,000+km

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by jooo

Enduro is one of the obvious options. Their bearing number is MR 2437 2RS.

Has anyone tried pulling the bearings and plastic shims out of a set of DA cups and putting them in a TREK? 6805 bearings are super common and I imagine you can get a bit of life out of some sort of plastic shim.

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by jb

A little bit off topic but:
I have a Madone 6.9 2009 which i run with a record 10 speed crank,now there is a little play at the cranks,but the size of the bearings which you need for a record crankset are different of the ones for chi or sram cranks,aren't they?
Does anybody know if only Trek supplies these bearings or are there other brands which will fit??

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by darkblue08

Im using FSA, but there are not many options. Im using a 24mm BB90 for a Rotor 3D crankset.

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