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by MC356

Quick questions about all the other TMR owners here.

I have been thinking about rebuilding my wheels on my TMR (2011 Easton ec90 55mm) with new hubs, white industries . I was thinking maybe I should upgraded the rims too. Can the TMR frame fit 25mm wide rims?


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by mr4fox

Yep. No problem.
My toroidal runs are 28mm wide at the widest point. I can’t teally fit a 28mm tyre on the rear though. I mean a tyre that actually measures 28mm wide on the rim (I have a 25mm clincher that measures 28mm so had to put it On The front for example). It physically fits on the rear but there’s so little clearance that small pebbles that get stuck to the tyre when the road is damp will scratch the frame.

by Weenie

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by MrDeia

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by MrDeia

I have a question/issue regarding the brake
outer cable running underneeth the crankaxle the TMR01

As i have installed a Rotor inPower crankset with it's 30mm spindle, the axle is not covered inside a plastic tube like with the original Ultegra crankset. This is causing the outer rearbrake cable housing to rub the axle.
The originsl Ultegra bracketbearing set is having this plastic tube between the 2 bearings to protect the axle from dirt and to protect the axle from getting rubber by the outer rear brake cable!

Does anyone know if there is a bearing kit for the Rotor set which is having a plastic tube between the 2 bracket bearings? Or is there anyone who had solved this differently?

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