New BMC Aero frame TMR01

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by Tillquist
















Read more here ... ame_222609" onclick=";return false;
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by Arky

I like BMC. They are always willing to stick their neck out and do something new. Looks great.

by Weenie

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by 53x12

Looks sharp. I like it. Definitely looks better to me than the Trek Madone.
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by artray

Love those forks/brakes ,look really tidy. Still don't like the idea of a brake down at the bottom though.

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by prendrefeu

I've always like the 'industrial' look of BMC, and recent models were beginning to look less industrial and more 'normal'. The front cable shield along the headtube and what looks like more squared-away edges really pushes things back to BMC's design roots, I think. Well done.

Di2/Ui2/CampE only though? :noidea:
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by btompkins0112

That brake at the back will not be easy to adjust when I am hanging off the team car after a wheel change...... :smartass:

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by HillRPete

Yeah those BMC really stand out with a distinctive look. Thumbs up for the front, nice solution for the cable routing. As to whether the rear brakes back down near the BB make a tangible aero difference, I'm not convinced. If anyone with inside knowlege could weigh in that would be great.

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by grid256

That front brake is smooth. Years ahead of the wild stuff jobs from the last few years even on tt bikes like Giant Trinity etc. I too am perplexed by the back brake and wouldn't want to service it. Curious to know about tire clearance too.

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by russianbear

BMCs look proper sexy in flat black. Liking this bike.

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by TOflat

Very proper looking integrated brake system. Love the looks of what BMC has been coming out with lately. Although the Impec may not be one of their crowning achievements lately.

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by wasabi1


Much better job than trek.

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by SSB

Great looking aero bike, and one of the first BMCs I can really dig. Definitely a lot more palatable than the S5, and the simple flat black scheme is nice. Wonder what the wind tunnel will say about this model (no doubt that BMC's marketing department will say this the bestest, fastest and most aeroest road bike on the market.) :lol:
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by Leviathan

Looking at this again the whole leading edge of the ht seems to be integral to the brake unit and moves with the fork. Why would this not be considered a "fairing" as its non structural?

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by jamesfifield

I'm struggling to see how they get away with the cowling for the brake cable on the fork: in no way does it seem structural, and therefore should constitute a fairing. Can somebody please explain its legitimacy?
As for the brake in the BB, I'm sure there must be a benefit otherwise why are they there on TT bikes? However, it does seem to be a severe compromise for a road bike, which is more likely to be making use of neutral (or even team support) and where having easy access to adjustments is probably of greater marginal benefit than the potential aero gains.
Having said that, great work BMC. This bike is sex on wheels!

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by LeePaton

Ok, I want one.

by Weenie

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