American Classic Victory rear hub

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by sanrensho

Hello everyone. First thread here but I have been lurking WW since forever.

I purchased a spare AC Victory hub (old style) and am toying with the idea of building it up with a Velocity A23 rim for my rain bike. The hub itself appears to have only seen light use with not much gouging on the freehub.

I own a set of AC 420s and have had zero issues using them as daily riders on my main road bike (dry weather only) for the last few seasons. I'm pretty light at 125 lb.

The new wheel would see light/moderate rain but not extreme rain/mud or off-road. AC no longer makes parts for this particular hub. Am I asking for trouble (bearing/freehub issues) building this into a wheel for a rain/winter bike?

Thanks in advance.

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by weeracerweenie

if its assembled correctly they go forever, bearings dont last forever but its a 5 minute job to replace them all and theyre cheap. however if you have a problem they chew through parts, i have had one go through 5 freehubs, 3 camplates and a number of pawls, but i think it was one of the recall hubs that didnt get its new bits :( anyway its been completely recondition now and works perfectly so as long as your one is in good mechanical condition the wheel you propose to build sounds like a great winter rain wheel.
I guess there's worse hobbies than making a bike light? Right?

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