Mavic Yksion Clincher Tire

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by southsidemayor

Greetings Everyone.

Competitive Cyclist has a set of Mavic Yksion Tires on sale for $33/each.
Have any of you ever rode with this tire? If so, can you be so kind as to provide your thoughts on performance feedback?

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by madmole

Yep, they came on My Cosmic Carbonne SLE's. Road them twice, first time 30 mile sin the dry, felt OK but nothing special. Second tme 50 miles ondamo roads. Went all over the place, no grip at all

Swapped back to my trusty Conti GP4000S, which are 5grams lighter and ride much better and grip in the damp/wet (Mibd you I run them with Conti Supersonic tubes at 52g versus the 98 grams of the Mavic inners, and ripped out the 25g rim take for 6g of velo plugs

This brought the SLE's back to the weight Mavic rather over optimistically said they would weight with thier tyres and tubes

Pretty sure you can get GP4000S' for same price
Cervelo S3 2011. Blinged 6.718 Kg

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by Machinenoise

+1 slippery when wet

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by 103

Madmole, did you use the red or yellow velo plugs? I want to do the same on my SLE's.

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by dierix

if you like your bike to be all over the place get them :D
definitely some of the worst clinchers I've ever used

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