Cracked a Zipp 303 Yesterday

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by sethjs

RussellS wrote:I don't think 95psi is low for a tubular. Or clincher. I weigh 185 pounds and run my clinchers at 100psi front and rear. Never had a pinch flat from hitting a pothole or anything else. Use 23, 25, and 28mm tires.

Right - so this is why I was running the tubulars at 95. I run my clinchers at 95-100. Thousands of miles. Never a single pinch-flat, never a damaged rim.

Only have about 500 miles on the 303s/tubulars - so just less experience. But have run them over rather rough roads (Levi's GF, etc) and never a problem.

I'm actually pretty sure the rim didn't bottom into the cement - definitely didn't feel that way.

But does seem I should move the pressure up to at least 110 when I get the replacement wheel on there!

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by CharlesM

either move the pressure or dont... It wasnt an extra 5 OR 10 psi.

The trick is dont literally jump your rim into a curb :beerchug:

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