Water Trapped in Carbon Wheel

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by LLL

I got caught in the pouring rain yesterday while riding. I got home wiped the bike down, and left until today. I came home to find water trapped in my Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 Carbon CLinchers. How do I get the water out of the wheel without disassembling the tire and tube? And will it hurt the quality of the tire or tube since it sat there with water in it for a day? :?

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by HugoDrax

You should find a small hole on the side of the carbon rim that will allow the water to escape if it is laid on its side. It won't hurt the tire or tube it just might take away some talcum powder (if you put any in!) if the water can get past your rim strip. Otherwise, mechanics have drilled a tiny hole or two in a wheel to let the collected water escape. I would first try putting the wheels on the ground (horizontal) and shaking them a bit! Good luck!

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by ms6073

LLL wrote:How do I get the water out of the wheel without disassembling the tire and tube:?
When I have gotton caught out with our Reynolds carbon clinchers, I typically deflate the tubes and then pull the bead off one side and hang them up in the workshop with the valve stem hole at the bottom thus the water drains out within a few hours.
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