Best Tires for a 500k Rider/Randonneur?

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by athletic

I'll have a record attempt here by riding 500k/24h.
Own a Winer Pro Carbon road bike. (9kg)
Considering both the route may have low quality asphalt and expecting some comfort, I'm thinking about buying a wider tire set than 700 x 23.

Found these on the e-shop where I prefer, since it ships to my country easily and in the cheapest way;

vittoria randonneur 700 x 28, 490gr , white, 26$
continental ultra gator skins 700 x 25, 250gr, black, 30$
schwalbe durano 700 x 25, 295gr, creme, folding, 67tpi, 40$

I found vittoria randonneur as a trustworthy tire for my case, just its wire bead and 490gr weight per tire made me indecisive.

My expectations;
1) lowest price possible
2) no puncture in my 500k attempt
3) low weight while ensuring no flat(must have kevlar bead for low weight &in case I'll have flat,it must be easy to take off)
4) more comfort than 700 x 23c
5) blue or white in color, (my bike is blue-black) and I dont like black tires.

Which tires you would recommend according to the infos above?

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by giantdale

If you can possibly ignore the colour, my suggestion would be conti GP 4season 28mm. It really measures 26,5mm and weighs 255g. It rides nicely and having two vectran layers it is almost impossible to have a puncture. On top of all that, according to the Tour-magazin it also has very low rolling resistance... What's not to like?

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by HillRPete

I have no experience with the ultra gator skins you mention, but would recommend a look at the Continental Grand Prix 4-Season.

Regardless of choice, hopefully you're going to test the tyres before setting off on the attempt?

Also for such an endeavour a bit of sealant might be helpful.

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by prendrefeu

GP4000S :)
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by bm0p700f

Gatroskins. Loads of folk ride them in Suffolk (UK) as the rural roads are often covered in shards of flints that cut up lesser tyres. Many of the West Suffolk Wheeleres run these because of flints on the roads we ride. I have 1500 miles on mine an now punctures yet, many have done more.

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by notsoswift

What sort of record are you talking about is it age or ability based or something?
The record for a road rider is well over 800km

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by Fisherfreerider

I would hesitate on the gator skins. I have seen too many sidewall failures on them.

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by athletic

notsoswift wrote:What sort of record are you talking about is it age or ability based or something?
The record for a road rider is well over 800km

This will be the day/distance record of my country (Turkey) with a road bike and to get this, riding only 500k will be enough.
I know many better riders and way longer brevets have been done abroad, but considering my case (no regular income, no sponsorship, 40C degree hot weather, rolling course with expecting rough terrain etc) this is okay for now.

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by Ozrider

Conti GP4000S 25c, 231g, I did a 1000km event over 6 days with zero punctures on rough Australian country roads.
Ozrider - Western Australia
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by Johnnysmooth

Specialized armadillos are nearly indestructible
My success with conti is mixed, the Tubulars I have now are good, clinchers have had sidewall failures
My personal choice would be vittoria pave. Yes, they are expensive but you get what you pay for and they do ride beautifully
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by Rick

Conti GP 4000S 25mm

.....although just about any Conti would do. I am riding the Conti Ultra-Races (25mm) right now, and they seem like a great bargain. Only $28 at PBK.

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by PSC

FYI, before you buy 28mm tires be sure the the clearance between the fork crown area and tire is enough. Some carbon forks have a max tire width. I had a Alpha Q GS-10 with 25mm Michelin Krylions and the clearance was pretty tight, so much so that debris would wear at the underside of the fork.

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by shabbasuraj

vittoria randonneur

simply awesome....

never disappoints for trekking...
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by xrs2

If you're seriously going for a record, isn't it worth ignoring tire color and maybe spending an extra $20-$40 per tire? Rolling resistance will make a very substantial difference across that many km, and a high-quality tire with more supple sidewalls may be more comfortable.

I think the lowest RR fat tire you can get is the 25 mm Open Corsa. Also consider the 29 mm Challenge Paris-Roubaix, or any of the Grand Bois tires from 23 mm to 32 mm. Get the biggest one that will fit.

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by blasdelf

Do not let anyone talk you into using the Vittoria Randonneurs, they are truly awful tires, with all that extra rubber they probably add 20w apiece in rolling resistance! Their only reason to exist is for kids to skid through them on their sweet fixies. Gatorskins would be better and actually resist thorns and flints, but that's still an extra 10w each vs. an actual race tire.

I just did this 400k in 15:09 ... g-400k-acp" onclick=";return false;

I think among the 7 guys faster than me they got 12 flats — but I got zero, on Huthinson Atom road tubeless tires with Stan's sealant (and mine already had 1000 miles on them with plenty of holes, always sealed up). They're between the Conti Competition and GP4000S in rolling resistance, basically world-class. And running them at under 80psi, they're way more plush than any of the puncture-resistant 27mm tires would be at any rideable pressure. A Challenge or Gran Bois tire would be even plusher, but you'd be almost guaranteed to flat at least once in 500k.
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