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by TimF

Hi all,

As Kinlin are supposed to be making all of these rims I thought I'd put a list together so we can map them once and for all. Thought this'd be easy but it turns out there doesn't seem to be all that much commonality. The weights are as claimed by the manufacturers so they could still be the same! Can you help fill in the gaps? i.e. Halo rim = Kinlin rim = IRD rim

Halo Areorage - 25mm Aero profile - 455grams
Halo Aerotrack - 27mm Aero profile, 24mm wide - 435grams
Halo Aerowarrior - 25.5mm Aero profile - 545grams
Halo Caliber - 38mm Aero profile - 570grams
Halo Mercury - 30mm Aero profile - 455grams
Kinlin XR-240 - 24mm Aero profile - 455grams
Kinlin XR-270 - 27mm Aero profile - 445grams
Kinlin XR-300 - 30mm Aero profile - 465grams
Kinlin XR-380 - 38mm Aero profile 550 grams
IRD Cadence - (no aero profile) - 390 grams
IRD Cadence Areo - 30mm Aero profile - 465 grams
IRD Cadence VSR - Nio19 hoop that's made specifically for IRD by Kinlin

Note: Halo Aerotrack does not have a machined braking surface.
Halo Mercury? (455g) = Kinlin XR-300 (465g) = IRD Cadence Aero (465g)
IRD Cadence = Kinlin Nio19 (can't find these any more)
Cadence is exactly the same extrusion as a Kinlin XR-200 rim but with added eyelets for external nippling

There is info about SpeedCific rims being the same as well.

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