Aero frame with non-aero wheelsets ??

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by donham1

Hello everyone! I just wanted to get some opinions on a non-aero wheelset with an aero frame. Specifically, A Ksyrium SLR Wheelset on a matte black 2012 S-works Venge.

Here is the back story-

In a charity ride today, a fellow rider crashed into me, destroying my S-works Tarmac.


That is what the bike looked like until noon today. I am heartbroken bc I spent the better part of 16 months building up this bike with great parts....

Anyways, most parts can be salvaged, and my LBC has a good price on a 2012 S-works Venge frameset. I am just concerned the non-aero wheels may look a little too "fred" on the Venge.


Any thoughts?


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by kevosinn

It doesnt look bad. I have a customer I built a venge up for and he has c24's on it and it looks fine. Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

by Weenie

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by 2011

I saw one this weekend, all matte black, with shallow 30mm rims. It looks pretty sexy. It puts the attention on the frame, rather than the wheelset. I think that frame, being as beefy as it is, just looks TOO beefy when paired with 60mm+ deep rims.

I say... get it.

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by gsxrawd

I don't think it's that bad. I have a Cervelo S2 w/ Mavic open pros.

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by Getter

Aero wheels. With the broad and flat tubes on an aero frame...a low profile wheel just don't look right to me.

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by parajba

I have the same problem.

I have a 2012 (black/red/white) S2 and was wondering how it might look like with shallow rims like C24, Fulcrums or Mavics. No Campagnolo as I have SRAM.

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by Ozrider

You have a valid reason for upgrading your frame, get the Venge and then save for some aero wheels to finish it off. Otherwise see if you can find an SWorks SL4 at a good price.
All depends on what you want in the long term
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by Wingnut

donham1 wrote:In a charity ride today, a fellow rider crashed into me, destroying my S-works Tarmac.

Sorry to hear about your bike, it looked great.

I'm curious, did the "fellow rider" offer to reimburse you at all?
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by madmole

I run Skinnies on my S3 when there are a lot of hills. Looks fine. Light is just as valid an argument as Aero (Both is better hence the S3)

All the Cervelo Aero frames come with skinnies (Normally Fulcrum 7's) and they look fine
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by rustychain

it could be debated that riding deep (808's?) on a training ride is "fred". I vote in the who cares category. I would advise however to save for a second set of wheels, maybe a third set of wheels too. Life is to short for one set of wheels :beerchug:
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by donham1

To answer a few questions and/comments so far:

Yes, the "fellow rider" has already given me money. Thank god for that, this will be expensive...

The rear der, right pedal, saddle, and possibly the carbon bars are also toast.

I would prefer to have a matte black S-Works SL4, but the Venge is sweet looking and has a decent price.

I seriously doubt I will be able to replace the frame, it was a rather hard to find matte black Team Geo.

I would rather not save and buy a new set of aero wheels. For one, I just spent about $1800 on the Ksyrium SLR's.


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by AaronT

rustychain wrote:it could be debated that riding deep (808's?) on a training ride is "fred".

ross wrote:At first you were like hurr. And then you derped

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by mimason

One good thing about those Mavics is that the brake track is the same color as the rest of the rim. I think you are almost guaranteed that is will look good with any bike...especially if you can delabel the yellow stickers if necessary.

I have some delabeled Reynolds 32mm carbon hoops with black spokes and hubs and it looks really good on my boxy Giant SLR ADV SL as well as my P2c TT bike. I know the depth is a little different but I think the key to the aesthetics in this instance is that you don't have the silver aluminum brake track.

BTW a buddy has an S5 and runs C24s until his Mad Fibers come in. I don't think it looks that great but I still would not hesitate to roll it that way either.

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by elviento

Not a big deal, just SLIGHTLY odd to see an aero frame on non-aero wheels. But if you don't run into people so anal about gear like you see on ww, you should be just fine. I bet the bike would look nicer than 95% of the bikes on the road anyway.
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by Weenie

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by crohnsy

Is team geo needed? I thought that was just a shorter head tube.. What other changes with the team geo frame?

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