Aero frame with non-aero wheelsets ??

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by donham1

crohnsy wrote:Is team geo needed? I thought that was just a shorter head tube.. What other changes with the team geo frame?

Nope, it is just the head tube. Mine was a 170 mm vs the standard 205 mm(too long and looks funny imho). I wouldnt have that problem with an SL4 Tarmac or Venge- their headtubes are both 190 mm and would be fine. For the record, I am 6'4" and fairly flexy, so I can get nice and low and be comfortable.

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by HillRPete

With shallow wheels you might look even more "pro" -- just like a pro being on a training ride :mrgreen:

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by Geoff

Horses for courses, though, right? I ride the box-section rims alot more than the deep wheels, Venge included.

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by donham1

Well, after a little over 3 weeks, I have a new bike! Some new parts, some old. Just the rim on the Exalith coated Ksyrium SLR rim was $380....

His insurance covered it all.

Comments and suggestions are welcome :D
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by journeymonk

Looks great!

I was going to comment on bringing back the black chainrings, but the new ones kinda hide the red graphics of the crankset, so mostly the white and yellow pop out.

The wheels look great with the frame. Looking at the old picture, the side profiles of the frame are quite similar, so the look still holds. And I love the slammed stem (I'm sure others here will do, too).

Most of us were probably expecting a simply white-graphics-on-matte-black, but this is a great surprise.

Enjoy your new ride!

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