Are these worth the price?

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by atzialis ... r_wheelset
I have 7900 c24's and love them and want some deeper wheels.

by Weenie

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by weeshuggy

Never ridden these particualr wheels my self, but i do like the shallower rs80 c24 version. And IMO no they arent worth the money. You are paying an extra £200 or so for a heavier although a marginally more aero wheel. I'd recommend you get the shallower version, much better value for money.

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by quattrings

Have some and am very satisfied, not the most aero wheel both the hubs do roll beautifully.
However, today I found that I had dinged both wheels' sidewalls due to pothole impact.
Nothing severe as i was able to use some woodblocks and vicegrips to straighten the walls again. I also thought I had broken the carbon surface as there was what appeared to be discolouration caused by the elastic limit being reached. A big relief as it turned out it was some residue left from possibly another tire rubbing against it.

I wouldn't buy them at full retail though, then I'd rather build something up.

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