How to remove FSA K-WING INTEGRATED aero seatpost.

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by Kenta

Hi, I bought new bike last week. This bike has integrated seatpost and is used K-WING INTEGRATED seatpost. I tried to cut seatpost to adjust seat height, so tried to remove that K-WING INTEGRATED. But I couldn't remove it despite of loosed center bolt. 
Would someone teach me how to remove it.

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by lancejohnson

I would imagine that like old Quill stems it probably just needs a light tap on the top of the center allen bolt that tightens the post to release the wedge from the inside of the seat tube. Over-loosed the bolt (but not so much that it comes out of the wedge - maybe 3-4 full turns past when it feels loose) and then give it a tap. The key is a light tap - you're dealing with a carbon seat tube probably and while a bit of force may not hurt it, you want to use the least amount necessary to get the job done. I may be wrong about this, but based on my history with quill stems that seems like the most likely solution...

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by phallenthoul

take off the saddle. unscrew the bolt to loosen up the wedge. and it's done.

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by roffem


I have been having similar problems with my fsa aero post. I have tried to remove it and it shifted about 5mm and then stopped moving. It now won't move up or down. The bolt seems loose but somehow no movement at all. I have tried to lubricate it to no effect. Any ideas anyone?


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by Sasha011

take a piece of wood and a rubber hammer and then hit the place where the rails come from below... i have a bianchi with the system and works every time...
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by ruud

I'm trying to remove this FSA k-Wing seatpost from my Bianchi 928 SL IASP and loosening the center bolt and hitting it gently doesn't do it over here.

I had my LBS do it yesterday and picked it up later and they said it was easily done. I put in a spacer of 1 cm, tried it and decided I want the 5 mm spacer instead, but now I can't remove it. I don't have a rubber hammer, will get one it that's all it takes, but is there nothing else to this? A trick of some sort? I don't want to have to bring it to the LBS and leave it there again.

For all the difficulty this component is giving me, I would not recommend it to anyone and will not buy any bike with an integrated seatpost in the future.

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by SWijland

Just loosen the bolt with an allen key slightly and then tap the top of the allen key with a hammer.

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by thisisatest

so i had one of these come in the store about a year ago, i watched the customer install the thing, then try to remove it. he couldnt do it. i loosened the bolt a few turns, hit the top with a plastic faced hammer, it sank down but the head wouldnt budge. called fsa, they had no ideas. customer took it as it was, since it was in the right spot anyway.
something like six months pass, customer came back with either a new saddle or pedals, needed a height adjustment, he dropped it off so i could do "whatever it takes" to get it out. i loosened the bolt again, hit it with a plastic faced hammer again, it came right out. wtf.

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by ruud

what part do most of you actually hit with the hammer? I'm asking because I assume it's the bolt head. However, most write that you loosen the bolt a few turns, then hit it. But the bolt in my seatpost does not even stick out higher than the seatpost top when fully loosened. So I would have difficulty hitting the bolt...

Or do you hit the allen key, still in the allen bolt, with the hammer?

and thanks for coming in and sharing your experiences! I'm now going to the construction store around the corner to get a rubber faced hammer :) It will be sunny and 28 degrees Celcius here in Netherlands today so I want to fix this and go for a ride :D

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by ruud

well here I am with my fancy rubber hammer, hitting the bolt fully loosened: no luck
hitting the allen key still in the bolt which is only partly loosened: no luck
hitting some wood that I hold underneath where the rails come on later: no luck

what a lousy seatpost. The manual does not say anything about removal instructions.

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by ruud

called my LBS and asked them how they did it. They said they loosened the bolt until it was almost completely out and were then able to pull the seatpost out with some force.

So I try that, loosened the bolt until only 1 turn to go for full loosening, put the saddle back on to get a good strong grip, put my foot on the pedal and the rear wheel in a corner of the wall so all my force is really pulling. I can pull with all the force I have and it doesn't move.

So now I have to go to the LBS again instead of enjoying a bike ride. I'm almost ready to put the entire bike on sale and get some solid piece of german engineering instead.

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by ruud

I decided to give it one more go and finally nailed it...

Took the saddle off again, loosened the bolt halfway and hit the allen key (still attached) a few consecutive times (with the rubber hammer) with the last hit slightly harder than I would normally feel comfortable with, and it sprang loose. So this is what worked for me but as it seems it depends on a bit of luck and trial & error.

Now don't forget to put some shimano or other carbon/alu paste on there before re-installing :)

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