Replacing chain on SRAM red 10 speed. What would you recomme

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by WasFab

I have SRAM red group set 10 speed on Ultegra 28-11 rear cog cassette. I'm looking to change the chain. What are the options I have, if you could advice few options from the most quality pricy one to the basic one.

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by Murphs


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by gumgardner

ProfessorChaos wrote:KMC X10SL


Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

I recommend putting in a search. This topic has been discussed many times, so you won't have issues locating a couple of similar threads. However, like "favorite" lubes or saddles, you'll get a wide variety of answers on the best chains. My preference is KMC X10SL.

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by 53x12

KMC X10SL. Best chain for the money.
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by TwiggyTN

What he just said....

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by prendrefeu

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by Frankie - B

Shall i put another dime in for the Yaban club? please get an 11 speed chain.
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Phill P
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by Phill P

The Yaban chains are slightly lighter but very durable. Also slightly narrower (can run them on campy 10spd as well).

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by sleepingmenace

+1 for the KMC X10SL. brilliant chain..

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by shady

running my second shimano 7900 chain on the same sram red groupset, super quiet! great chains
i havnt tried a KMC but might have to give one a go next seeing as so many rave about them

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by jdp211

I'll put another vote to KMC

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by tranzformer


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by 252002

How does the KMC X10SL compare to the SRAM PC 1091R PowerChain. Weights seems to be about the same, shifting? The reason I ask is because I just replaced the Shimano 105 group on my Caad10 with SRAM Red and went with the 1091R PowerChain. Would there be a benefit to replace it?

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