accelerated tread wear veloflex carbon 23mm versus 22mm

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by Thirstyman

Is anyone experiencing the same much more rapid tread wear on the 23mm version of the tire versus the discontinued 22mm?

I used to get about 3000 miles on the 22s but the tread is breaking through on the 23s (October 2011 vintage) after 1400-1600 miles of similar riding. Actually , it is worse than that as I used to retire the 22s at 3000 with beef left on the tread. The new 23mm model appears to simply have less tread depth. This makes sense as the tires are larger in diameter but identical in weight at 245 grams (as I recall) according to my scale.

I really loved the old veloflex carbon 22s and would love to hear that I am alone in this experience. Or at least that the very early versions of the 23s were a bit thin and they have gotten better since (heavier too I guess).

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by notsoswift

If I recall correctly the actual casing size is the same when measured with calipers, I am sure I saw it here

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