Tune Smart Foot cranks

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by mythical

Haven't seen anything about this posted (besides a brief mention from madcow) anywhere so I thought I'd have a crack at it. After the Big Foot (square taper) and Fast Foot (hexagon taper) cranksets which, honestly, are somewhat hideously outdated, Tune has finally struck back (silently) with the Smart Foot cranks. Its main feature is a 30mm axle and the ability to be adapted to MTB or Road, BSA, ITA, BB30 or PressFit30 shells as well as feature a whole range of spiders including MTB triple, double, road standard, compact as well as an SRM. Weight should be around 540-580g without chainrings and from what i've seen, the estimated price will be around €600. Watch out for these at Eurobike as they might pop up every now and then on different bikes all over the show. I found no mention anywhere on Q-factor or available lengths...

Personally, I find them quite pretty (yes, I dig the ano colours) but performance-wise I know they won't do it for me. I doubt they're even remotely as stiff as the much cheaper Rotor 3D (which I didn't find impressive either) and they're in about the same ballpark weight-wise so I say don't bother wasting money one a set unless you insist on crank arms with a "tune" badge...


MTB double:

And lastly, a production sample:
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by Frankie - B

Those are some nice cranks indeed! The compatibility is great as well.
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by Montana

I must have a set of those :shock:

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by MellowVelo

they do look nice, but given the cost - give me a set of record cranks over these any day!

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by gumgardner

...why do people want these :noidea:

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by MellowVelo

gumgardner wrote:...why do people want these :noidea:

agree, i really dont see much value in having a crankset that can go either road or mountain, who does that??

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by Frankie - B

SI SL...
'Tape was made to wrap your GF's gifts, NOT hold a freakin tire on.'

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by strobbekoen

These are interesting cranks.
Stifness would not be too bad I think, but with other chainrings..

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by Alex_ucsb

Tune presumably will make them in purple, which is enough to justify their use on mountain bikes at least :D

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by ritcheykestrel

Personally, I think they are stunning and a brilliant idea.

They remind me of some of the older, mid-90's items. Innovative ideas that are functional and stylish.

And they are made out of METAL!! Not the devil's fabric!!


I would absolutely buy a set.
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by prendrefeu

They sure are pretty!
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by tochnics

they look very clean, but so do a lot of others
i geus they look good on some classic klein mtb s
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by Tinea Pedis

Any more word on these?

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by madcow

They are still coming, not officially released yet. We have a set of them in our Portland gallery and they are quite nice.

As was mentioned there is one arm-set with different spiders, spacers and bb's to make a pretty versatile system.

Only lengths at first will be 172.5 and 175. Spiders for triple mtb(104/64), double mtb(120/80), road (130), road (110)

BB's for bsa, Italian, BB30, PF30, BB86, BB92 and BBRight.

Pricing will be about 550 Euros for the arms and rings. BB will add 50-80 Euros.

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by Stockie

Is there allready some one who has installed this crank and has ridden some miles with it?

Or Madcow, can you give us some more information about this crankset in comparison with his competitor light weight cranks?
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