The toughest challenge - weight loss on a budget

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by TimF

Hi all, Did up my Cannondale ages ago with really expensive kit but now I'm taking a different direction. I'd like to lighten the bike without spending loads of cash. So below is the spec so far. I'm looking for bargains in the business and not the most expensive light components, much more of a challenge this!

The parts that have been changed already were carefully thought out so I don't want to change them again. Not looking to drop 20 grams for £50 either :-) So what are the bargains out there? If you have anything to sell send me a PM! I'm in London so kit that I can easily get in the UK preferred.


Thanks, Tim


Quick Releases (cheap ones) - Front 68grams Rear?

Bolts are all standard.

Cassette: Shimano CS-4600-10 12-28
310 grams

Chain: KMC X10 10s
268 grams

Front & Rear Brake: Shimano R561

Wheels - Fulcrum Racing comp - HEAVY

Chainset: Shimano R565 50-34
Weight 940grams? (probably more)
Bottom Bracket: attached

Bars: FSA Gossamer Ergo Oversize
292 grams

Mechs - 105 front and rear

Seatpost: Merida Pro 2 31.6mm. WEIGHT - 300grams
Replaced with KCNC Ti Pro Lite WEIGHT - 200grams ?

Seat: Selle Italia X1 WEIGHT - 300 grams
Selle Italia SLR WEIGHT - 182grams

Tyres: Vittoria Rubino Slick 23 60 KV Front Vittoria Rubino Slick 23 60 KV Rear
300grams each
Replaced with Specialized Turbo Elite 23
250grams each

Tubes: Stock cheapo ones. WEIGHT - ?
Replaced with Michaelin Air Light WEIGHT - 75grams each + Bin sort out the rim tape.

Frame: Hydroformed 6066 aluminium with smooth welding and X-Taper head tube - NO CHANGE REQUIRED
Fork: Carbon fibre with tapered steerer - NO CHANGE REQUIRED
Headset: BC pro Neck - NO CHANGE REQUIRED
Stem: Merida Pro Oversize Weight? - NO CHANGE REQUIRED (probably get a KCNC when I decide what length etc.)
Shifters Shimano 105 Weight? - NO CHANGE REQUIRED (happy with these)
Pedals Look Keo Plus - NO CHANGE REQUIRED (just bought)

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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

Wheels are where you will get the biggest impact. You should be able to get something around 1500g reasonably priced like pro-lite braccianos (or something similar by Easton, Reynolds or FSA) or you could go custom built with kinlin rims and bhs hubs. A lot is going to be dictated by the type of riding you are doing and much money you have to spend.

by Weenie

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by TimF

Thanks bud. Wheels are definately on my list as a priority. I'm a light rider so I will be sorting these £300 max I think. I'm going to change a lot of stuff if it's cost effective, if not I'll leave it.

KCNC skewers look like a good bet 8)

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by Beancouter

Planet x skewers - 42g and 17.49 a pair incl postage last time I looked.

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by Beancouter

Sorry, the other planet x 'bargain' are the cnc brake calipers - they are approx 200g a pair. Mine were 79.99 and came with green swisstop pads. They are currently about 99.99 but keep an eye out as the prices seem to go up and down during the year.

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by TimF

Awesome advice on the brakes :-)

Are the X skewers safe? I am cautious about very light QR's.

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by fitty4

wheels suggestion ... rowheelset" onclick=";return false;

next time you buy a cassette buy ultegra and go for the kmc x10 sl chain

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by prendrefeu

Cassette -> SRAM RED
You can probably find an older (non-2012) version new or slightly used for much less than msrp. They are made of steel, so they are less likely to be worn down after minimal use, buying used would be fine.
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by Beancouter

Don't want to tempt fate, but I have never had an issue with the skewers! Others on the forum may have different views but think they are quite frequently used.

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by rruff

TimF wrote:Chainset: Shimano R565 50-34
Weight 940grams? (probably more)
Bottom Bracket: attached

I love my old IRD carbon cranks and Dura Ace bottom bracket. It's Octalink. Weighs 725g including BB, rings, everything.

You can get bargains with ISIS also... but the DA Octalink bottom bracket has roller bearings and is serviceable... and light... and basically lasts forever if you service it yearly. It's hard to buy them new, but used ones are usually fine.

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by lalahsghost

11 speed cassettes can drop 20-40g with very little extra money. ... egory=3674 <---- use the 30 second discount, and I'm sure you can get it for $59.15 I'm sure they pop up cheaper elsewhere. 240g

$61.15 - 224g - ... 022&sr=8-1

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by droptop

stem/bars/tape/seatpost is where i like to start. It might not be the MOST effective place to start, but its not far down the list, and will normally need to be changed anyway. Wheels will be the biggest bang for the buck, along with the cassette. (id keep the cassette on your old wheels, so you can swap back and forth if you plan on swapping.

Other than that, crankset is normally a big savings if you can swing it. search sales and ebay, one will pop up at a good deal at some point.

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by Dammit

What pedals are you running?

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by maxxevv

You could drop another 100g or so with the right tyres and tubes combination.

Continental GP-4000s 23c or Michelin Pro3 Race 23C 200-210g each.
Vittoria ultra-light EVO-55 tubes x41mm stem, 55~57g each.

by Weenie

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by TimF

Look keo Plus pedals, these are brand new so don't want to replace them.

Will SRAM red cassette be cost effective and work well?

On the tires and tubes I've already got new stuff :)

Cranks confuse me, for a crankset and BB without megabucks spending what's a good make and model? Shimano look a bit heavy unless you Dura ace it. Would really like to stick to Hollowtech but is that sensible??

Thanks! Tim

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