percentage of puncture-rear tire VS front ?

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by sorin

I am runnning for last 3 years a 25c heavier and more puncture resistant tire-is more of a heavy duty tire-Maxxis Refuse -never had ANY flats on it !!! I change it every 6\7 months or 5-6000miles.on the front I runWW VERY light used up tire just b\c I really like the smoothnees it gives and of course I get flats quite often-every 4\5 weeks..but this is my set up after having ridden same tires on front&rear I concluded is less frustrating changing front then rear..I was getting about 50% flats rear ,50 front,now is 100% front;-) .I could put the maxxis refuse on front but that would destroy the enjoyment and quality of the RIDE !

by Weenie

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by mentok

i could count on 1 hand the number of front flats i have suffered in the past 5 years of road riding however i seem to flat the rear every few weeks.

tyres are typically matching sets of conti gatorskins and i spend a lot of my time riding up and down glass, re-tread and debris scattered motorways.

of interest, a few months ago i stopped using tyre liners and my rate of flats did not increase. i have also recently built a set of 23mm wide training wheels. i run them soft at around 80psi (i weigh ~95kg) and although i have put about 1000km into them i am yet to get a flat.

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by notsoswift

More weight on the back more likely to flat!
The OP is countering that with a wider section and better puncture resistant tyre so he is really comparing an orange and an apple

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by theremery

Updated: Racing again! Thought this was unlikely! Eventually, I may even have a decent race!
Edit: 2015: darn near won the best South Island series (got second in age
-group)..woo hoo Racy Theremery is back!!

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by bm0p700f

Gatroskins is what I use as well as not many people in the local road club. We all use them because we do not get flats with them very often/ever.

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by maccpres

Don't you think it's potentially dangerous to get a front flat. I keep my front tire in good condition because I figure if I get a front flat on fast downhill it could get ugly.

by Weenie

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by artray

I had a rear flat today, 1st flat for over six months . I always keep my best tyre at the front. I always wipe my tyres down after a ride as well. I should put my foss tubes on.

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