Inner tubes newbie questions!

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by TimF

Hi all.

Looking at Michelin Aircomp inner tubes. I understand that you have to keep pumping these up to 150 psi, are there any portable pumps that will do this or is it track pump only?
What's up with the valve length?

Are these a good choice?

Thanks all. Tim

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by Kastrup

Why on earth would you pump these to 150 psi? There is absolutely no need to run such high pressures.
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by TimF

Sorry 115

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by bm0p700f

If you wanting to use these for reduced weight then you know the conti race 28 super sonic is 25g lighter at 50g.

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by notsoswift

You are borderline for most portable pumps
In theory a few are rated into the 120+psi range, but in practice it is pretty hard to get of there
Frame pumps with a longer stroke would be easier, but you really going to run with a frame pump...

Leyzine that I have is really easy to get to 100, it is rate to 155psi but it all gets pretty hot and bothered past 100psi and yous seem to only get 1/2psi per pump, (and you have already done 80...)
The other benefit is they have a flexible hose that you screw in so if you are really going for it you will not damage the valve (you can aslo use the hose with a threaded CO2 cartridge)

Track pump for home, mini for emergency.

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