Not light weight, but Campa Delta (take faceplate off)

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by Rippin

peruffo wrote:You can go as far as using carbon rim pads this way...

Which carbon rim pads would you recommend that could fit the delta brake pad holders?
And the bigger question - would you actually ride the delta brakes with carbon rims??
The delta brakes performance on aluminum rims is sub-par compared to today's standards. I would imagine that it would be worse on carbon rims.
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by peruffo

You need to change the brake pad holder. Modern Campagnolo brake pad holders fit, but I think other types work too. Use any pad the rim manufacturer recommends AND fit the pad holder. The only problem I can see is that the Deltas require narrow rim width for better pull ratio (leverige?) and modern rims (ZIPP, HED) are too wide. I use Shimano AX with an old Taiwanese carbon wheelset, the rim is narrow, the leverige is fine. As a sidenote, Shimano AX has integral brake pad holder, so I had to sculpture the carbon brake pads to fit.

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