Z5 frame cracked.. Looking for new frame.

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by 2011

Not to mention the biggest mistake of all... he photographed his bike with the chain on the SMALL ring!

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by RippedUp

The saddle looks pointing down because of the way the picture was taken. It is completely flat when yoou look at it from the side.
Tom, thank you for your concern. We'll be in touch.

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by hasbeen

To try and answer your question, there is no way youll be disappointed with a z1, z2 or z3. Just dont get some odd geometry. The ride quality will be similar across the Parlee line but there is a slightly refined touch to the handmade frames. However, the z5sl is the weight weenie choice. z1 with sl tubing and standard chainstays would have my vote. Should come out in the 800 gram range. Money not an issue of course.
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 geo......one step racier than a hybrid bike

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by KWalker

Its probably too high and that's how he's compensating.

My S-Works Tarmac broke in the same place two years ago. I didn't see when it happened on a ride, but it did and they replaced it free of charge. The rep quietly said that they had had quite a few top tubes break in that model range so it can happen, however, my crack was on the top of the tube, not the side.
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by thisisatest

getting way off topic, but cracks in the middle of the top of the top tube are often related to people sitting on them when at traffic light. you know, one foot clipped in, that thigh across the top tube, other foot down, sipping a latte or whatever :wink:

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by Wingnut

I hope their top tubes are strong enough? :shock:

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by dogbreath

You should be able to get that frame repaired. I cracked my Z4 in same place as a result of a crash during a crit. Didn't see the impact but the crack lined up perfectly with where the bars would hit the top tube so this appears the most likely cause. In fact I rode the last half of the crit including a full on sprint at the finish with the frame cracked!

Bike was insured however insurance company wouldn't replace frame. They had it assessed by a carbon frame repairer and then repaired as a lot cheaper for them. Disappointing for me as I would have preferred a new frame but the repair job is very good and is hard to see unless looking closely with the right light angle. I don't notice any difference in feel or performance since the repair.

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by User Name

thisisatest wrote:getting way off topic, but cracks in the middle of the top of the top tube are often related to people sitting on them when at traffic light. you know, one foot clipped in, that thigh across the top tube, other foot down, sipping a latte or whatever :wink:

Ah yes, the 'pro start line pose'. :thumbup: To be truely cool, weekenders must always sit like this when stopped at a red light, even it's only for 20 seconds.


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by cunn1n9

I cracked my top tube when I ran up the back of a car. The bikes rear wheel came off the ground and my weight was then being carried thru the top tube with a compression force. Looks similar to your crack.

Good news is that it is repairable and and my bike has done 10000km since and I can't tell the difference. Bike is an R5ca.

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by Rick

ticou wrote:And this is the great sadness I feel with carbon- it simply seems unable to take side or top knocks. I'll be a steelist forever i feel even though I'm getting my weight down to hopefully the correct level by summer's end.

Ha! I had a buddy who did a casual sit on the top tube of a steel Pinarello and it buckled like an empty aluminum beer can.
It can happen to any material. I am amazed at the crashes all my carbon bikes have lived through.

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by XCProMD

No matter what caused that damage, it is perfectly and 100% reliably reparaible. We build carbon fibre frames ourselves and local riders and clients bring many carbon components for repair. Lots of carbon wheels during the CX season.

One of the advantages of CFRP is they are rapairable and after the repair the components are even stronger (and heavier, that's true) than before. Repairing aluminum, for instance is much more difficult to do because welding decreases the characteristics of the stuff, and 6000 series needs a thermal treatment that is long, expensive and requires expensive tools. 7000 series is easier to "bake" but still is much more expensive to repair than CF

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