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by supermoo

I have a set of Carbonsport Lightweights Standard wheels in generation 2 form and am looking to sell them. I have looked around for previous posts on their value and other sales but havent seen any that have sold thru the board. So my question is, what are the current value for low mileage Gen 2 LT's these days? Looking on other forums has proved pretty fruitless as you dont see these wheels too often.

*Side note,I have been on the forum for some time (ploglet was my username) but havent logged in for a while and have forgotten my U/PWD combo and no longer have access to my old email account, so I had to create a new username.

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by carbon2329

That is a good question, but a difficult question, in my experince. Just tak a look at this recent thread:


You will get varying opinions based on, if you consider yourself as the "seller" or the "buyer".
I assume you payed, in the "ball park" of, about $3500-$4500. (New, U.S.)

I've been in the market in the past and seen used sets between $2100-$3200. (pretty good condition)

But prepare you self for some pretty "low-ball" offers. (but as fortune has it, you don't have to accept those offers :D :thumbup: )


by supermoo

Thanks. I am expecting all the low offers to come in, so I can temper my responses to them I am sure. I am not using them so better to see them go to someone that will but I certainly am not going to give them away. This is one of the few forums where I could see putting them up for sale. Wonder if the Campy hub has any more/worse value. Either way, someone should be happy come the end of it.

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by wshiong

price in ebay usually around 1500-1600 euro
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by Frankie - B

Supermoo. You have an email at your garage account.

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