New CrankSet - New Chain ?

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by lukael82

Hello !

I have one stupid question, but I hope someone can answer me :oops:

I'm replacing my old 50/34T crank to 53/39T, and I'm wondering If I'll have to replace my chain again, since there is more teeths on the new crank. However, my chain is almost new and I don't want to throw it away.

Will chain fit perfectly, or I'll have to add some extra chain pins to avoid problems ??

Thnx for your help !!
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by Dov

It will probably be too short. Adding links to a chain is a pain in the arse
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by jordo99

It really just depends...If you did sized the chain using the "big-big minus 2 links" method it's very likely that it will be too short.

Because of this, I've switched to the "small small, remove links until the chain doesn't rub on the derailleur" method. This method gives you the longest possible chain for your crank and will only cause issues if you switch from a 11-?? cassette to a 12-?? cassette.

This method allowed me to run a 11-23 and 11-28 cassette on the same chain when I switch wheels...though if you wanna be a WW about it my chain could shave a few grams if I had the chain setup with "big-big minus 2 links"

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by bikerjulio

If the chain was correctly sized before, it's probably too short now.

Here's a chain on the big-big combo with the RD maxed out. If your chain looks like this now then it's too short to change up to bigger chainring.

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by Robroyski

If you are short on cash see if it fits (big/big set up)

I would buy a new chain.

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by bm0p700f

Not a good idea to add links to a chain. Also if its a campag chain you should only add link with there 7 link HD link as it has a special joining pin. Also there is a link in campag chain that should not be broken.

"big -big minus 2 links" surely you mean plus two links or else the chain ends up too short.

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by lukael82

thanks for the picture Bikerjulio, I will check out that for sure :thumbup:

I don't see a problem why I shouldn't add pins to my chain, It's a Ultegra 6700 chain, and I had to cut It off to match size with my current crank, so I have some extra original pins left :mrgreen:
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by jasjas

Why isnt it ? a new join will be just as strong as the first one or you wouldnt join a chain in the first place?

I have added an extra link or 2 lots of times (Shimano) and if the original chain is nt worn (the op said it was almost new) then where is the problem? just make sure the new link is in the right direction, use a genuine shimano pin (follow their tech instructs on pin direction, through a split chain) a kmc quick link for final joining (if you want to swop bac to compact) and job done!

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