Bar/stem combo for 1.25" steerer?

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by kkibbler

I'd really like to get a set. So far I have only found 3 (of which only 2 are actually for sale):

Canyon H11/H36 Aerocockpit (I asked, they're not selling it (for now), not even to existing Canyon customers)

Giant Contact SLR Aero

Scott/Syncros RR1.0, same as on the new Scott Foil, which interestingly has a 1.25" steerer tube

Ritchey makes 2 models but neither specify steerer clamp size so I assume they're for 1.125".

Are there any other options, short of full-custom? I'd love to get the Canyon combo but who knows how long I'll have to wait for that to happen, if ever. The other 2 are probably fine, but aesthetically they're not that great.

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by junchen

Been waiting for something like this.. Camping here...

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by Weenie

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by romalor

you can find the canyon one on ebay or trocvélo

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by A2ON

Hey any updates on this. Just stuck the Zipp sl70 aero bars on my giant propel. Love the bars but they need the wider sprint stem from Zipp to look "really nice" but Zipp don't sell it in overdrive 2 fitment, giant do one a new SLR and an older SLR the older seeming bigger and more square .

So what stem options are out there or just sell the Zipps and get something else.

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by RyanH

I have the Syncros bars, they're very stiff and the Kamm foil design makes them comfortable to ride on the tops. I also like the step for the bar tape to create a seamless transition. Weight was 387g iirc.

I think the measurements are off though since I ended up with a lot more reach than expected based off the geo.

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by Weenie

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by A2ON


I alsready have the Zipp bars. They are very wide so the small giant stem looks silly that's why the larger sprint stem looks so good but they don't do it to suit overdrive size.

This gives you an idea of the width ... 203qtr.jpg

Zipp do this one but again it's small

Giant used to do this one it can still be purchased online eBay etc. Wider but very brick like to look at. 150g or so

This is the replacement, again same issue as Zipp it lacks the width to "match" the bars ... 584/62017/

Perhaps I should have just got these ?! ... 301271.jpg

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