30 years riding, currently 16 bikes my experiance wheelsets

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by frew8020

I am a self confessed bike nut. Can't remember how many I have owned (currently 16) but here is a few thoughts on some of the clincher wheelsets I have own.
I am an 80 kg racer/rec rider now.
Here's my thoughts on best to worst I own for anyone who is interested. I have kept it brief but this is meant to be a view from my experiances. Fulcrum Zero/Campag Shamal favourites, stiff, reliable and roll fast. Fulcrum 1 and 3 still real good although F0's a bit stiff with the older spokes. Campag Eurrus fantastic too! All Fulcrum and Campag hubs roll well and freehubs bullet proof. Both great wheels. Campag Neutrons would also be up there for a more compliant wheel. Shimano DA 7850 CL and AL both very good although seals on hubs drag and freehub really drags. I have three sets of DA and all the same. Stiff and low spoke count but had a few spokes break in racing especially under load climbing. DT swiss 240's great hubs but the Star ratcet has a BIG gap between engagement and IMHO overated. Reynolds Solitude a great value wheelset that roll well. American Classic 420's underated, a great wheel for the price followed by Easton EA 70's. Had EA 90's and SLX and would rather ride the EA 70 due to rear hub drag on preload for the 90's. No spoke problems though! How can Easton get is sooo right for EA 70 and so wrong for the EA 90??? Mavic SL and Elites just awful! Hubs just dont roll however to be fair spokes and rims OK. Just hate the hubs. I find it amazing anybody would buy a Mavic wheel when there are so many better options.
Just my thoughts on my experiances for anyone interested.

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by liam7020

Thanks for that interesting overview. Now we need to see some photos of at least some of these 16 bikes!
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by upside

I als found it interesting and true. Most people dwell on weight and not latteral stiffness and hubs and that is where the action is.. just one mans experience. :podium:

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by upside

my spelling so bad.

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by artray

Upside, yours spilin iz fiine

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by uncle-gee

This is it!

Went from Fulcrum Racing 0 to EA90 SLX. Had one 60km ride with the EA90 SLX and Ebayed them right away. Very very poor hub preload adjustment and lack of lateral stiffness compared to the Racing 0.

Since the Racing 0's were sold before I got the EA90 SLX, I got a pair of Neutron Ultra to replace the EA90 SLX. The Neutron Ultra feel a tiny less stiffer than the Racing 0, but seem to have less drag.

Would like to try the Shamal but I believe they'll be the exact same as the Racing 0.

Should Campy come with a set of Neutron Ultra Tubular at 150-200gr less than their Clincher version, and at +/- 200$ than their Clincher version, this would be awsome.

Campy and Fulcrum hubs are just fantastic. Best preload adjustment and the bearings are not affected by how tight you put your quick release.

Campy and/or Fulcrum should also sell hubs only with hole drilling less than 32.

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by RussellS

frew8020 wrote:All Fulcrum and Campag hubs roll well and freehubs bullet proof.

I managed to destroy a freehub on a 1998 Campagnolo Chorus hub. After only about 5 years. Fortunately Nashbar was selling very old Shamal 12 spoke silver clincher rear wheels for a closeout price and I picked up two of them. Used one as a rear wheel. Used the freehub from the other to put on the Chorus hub. Used the rim from the parts wheel to build into a front wheel using a 36 hole Veloce hub. And have used a spoke or two from the spare parts wheel to fix the other rear wheel.

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by ticou

Agree with you on the Elites! They just don't like turning. Sorry your only 80 kg's though. Any exp with the Zonda's?

si w
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by si w

Don't know how you can rate the American classics and not the mavics - totally opposite to my experiences

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by mimason

No one is going to call you out with praises to fulcrum and campy wheels because this is a campag zealots forum...and the wheels are good, albeit not aero. But the minute you started in on the ACs I'm going to call out crap when I see it. I know you may have had good experiences but these wheels are squishy flexy and the hubs are NOT durable so in my book AC sucks. I am surprised you can talk about Shimano drag and two sentences later not indicate ACs shortcomings. I guess YMMV.

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by Zachariah

I agree, Campy Shamal is hard to beat for a non-CF clincher. Campy bearings are the smoothest of all.
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by Wcl4

I may have met my bike nut match, but I've owned quite a few high end bikes including a few high end wheelsets as well.

In my current stable:
Mavic CCUs
Campagnolo Bora One
Zipp 404 laced to C4 hubs with sapim.
Easton EC90 aero

My favorites are still the CCUs, however their bearings arent quote as smooth as the Boras. The CCUs accelerate the fastest which makes sense, however the Campys (my 2nd favorite) have such a smoothness to the bearings that they seem to hold speed the best. I was worried about the strength of the rear lacing, but so far the wheels seem super strong and I'm 185lbs. Prefer the Zipps to the Easton as the Eastons are noisier wheels and I'm also not crazy about the braking track. However this may be due to age since they are older. It's hard to say about stiffness as each are attached to different bikes but, Campys feel the stiffest to me followed by CCUs and Zipp/Easton are about the same.

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