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by civdic

Just got a set of eebrakes. Is there any tips on setup of these? I was reading about the cable housing length being more critical on "aftermatket" brake sets. Is it critical on the eebrakes as well?

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by grid256

I haven't noticed anything with housing length. I would however read the quite extensive directions the brakes come with.

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by motorthings

+1 on the instructions...the length the adjuster is barrel adjuster is threaded down the adjuster shaft makes a huge difference in feel/power, just as the instructions say.

due to the way they move, you simply want to make sure to have enough housing (esp. on the rear brake) to allow it to move correctly.

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by bman11

I am a convert from ZG, so I found them very simple to set up! I have been riding the EE's for about 6 months with only cable tension adjustments. Awesome! Housing length was simple to nail first time. As previously stated, the instructions are spot on. Enjoy
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by civdic

I installed the brakes Friday night. A bit more work than Dura Ace. I changed the rear housing and added a set of fresh cables. As mentioned, the instructions are very clear. The hardware and brakes are very well constructed and I was surprised ate the light weight.

I went for a very short ride with my C35 clinchers to make sure everything was working well and I was impressed with the performance. A very different feel than the 7900. The 7900 brakes either seem on or off. Maybe just the way I had them set up. The eebrakes have a very nice feel. They feel progressive, the more you squeeze the better the braking performance. I can tell I am going to enjoy these. I'm looking forward to see how they perform on my carbon wheelset.

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by CharlesM

Youre dead on with the 7900 feel. They are very strong and nice brakes but they very simply bite too hard too early. The ee have the power but better modulation...

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