I need a new bike.

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by Bridgeman

Man, each one of these frames is incredible. I thought I was pretty up to date, but clearly I haven't been paying enough attention to all the recent advancements.

Turns out, my Felt F1 is a 2007 model. Sometimes when we are really flying over rough road, I'm thinking man, don't collapse and fold on me now!

Do you think the advancements from a 2007 model to todays frames are dramatically different in terms of performance?

Just for comparisons sake, a 2007 F1 vs a 2012 F1?

With this 2007 model in service for so many years, I'm wondering if the carbon weave can begin to loosen over time?

Thanks again for you suggestions!

by Weenie

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by russianbear

Carbon doesn't fatigue if that's what you're asking.

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by gumgardner

Crumpton custom. So stinkin nice. ;)

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by PharmerBob

CerveloMikey wrote:How about a Tarmac SL4? Flat Black, light, stiff but compliant and ready for internal wiring.

The Zipp 303s won't fit on an SL-4. I was interested if them for my SL-4 but Zipp's website says they won't fit :(

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