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by surlaplaque

Hey yall,

how do you put your race number on your bike? This forum probably has nice solutions with the DIY happening.

Pics please!!!!!

by Weenie

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by bones

LOL! Race plate?! Listen buddy. If you are good enough to have a race number that attaches to your frame, then you let your team mechanic do it.

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I've seen it done with pannier mount hardware behind the rear brake.

Bones, you've been on a tear lately between here and the conspiracy theories in the BB30 frame thread. I know of several large local crit series that assign rider numbers for the series. Seen several guys with a small little number attached in such a way as I described above.

"Don't pedal harder, pedal faster!"


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by racermech

I made a very simple one that mounted behind the brake caliper. I took a thin strip of aluminum I found at work. Maybe 1/8" thick about 1/2" wide. I took a torch heated it up a little bit and twisted it 90 degrees. Drilled a hole in the top and bottom. Bottom was for the brake bolt, top hole was for a 5mm bolt and a wing nut. Bent it just a little bit to clear the frame.

I could of trimmed it down a little bit to save a few grams. Later on after this pic I did grind down the mount area just a little bit. I had a few threads of engagement, but I want just a little more.


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by carbon2329


This is what I use. It's been good so far.

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by Geoff

Most of the World Tour bikes in my collection in the last few seasons that do not have a 'brazen-on fitting' for the number plate under the front of the toptube have a fabricated part similar to the one that racermech has made. Team Highroad made a really neat, tiny carbon thing a few seasons back just for the hell of it...

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by DMF

BBB just came out with a new one that attaches to your seatpost with large o-rings, kind of like a computer mount, that looks really nice. Haven't got time to find a pic, but do a search or look up their website. Easily the cleanest looking solution IMO.

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by btompkins0112

carbon2329 wrote:http://predatorcycling.com/product/razorback/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

This is what I use. It's been good so far.

An it even "improves aerodynamics"!!! :smartass:

Really nice looking actually. :beerchug: :thumbup:

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by artray

Pipe cleaner , no screws, minimum weight .

by Weenie

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by DartanianX

I saw a really nice one at a race in belg last weekend. Used the rotating thread insert that the bolt threads into on a seat post clamp and was made from replacing the insert with a longer custom made one that extended down and bent backwards with a hole drilled in the end for a bolt to go through to attach the number onto. I'll get a picture if I see one again. Would do it on my BMC SLR01 but the bolt is on the front of the seat post not the rear.

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