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by fdegrove


I think the red Corima (cork) works the same but for half the cost?

Or less probably. I pay around 38 Euro retail (used to be 30) for a blister of 8 Corima pads which last me a very long time.

Sure, they won't be to everyone's taste and I can well imagine there being other pads aorund that suit a certain brand of carbon rim better etc.

OTOH you'd be hard pressed to find a pad that offers this degree of modulation while still offering ample braking power sans burning holes in your rims and pockets too... :mrgreen:
I like them a lot as they make braking easy. No surprises, no wheels locking up.
Sure I'll ditch them if I find a pad that does everything these do better. Hasn't happened so far and I don't think it will any day soon.

Another aspect I value about them is that even after several tens of thousands of km they hardly show any wear and, even more importantly, neither do the braking surfaces of the rims.

I like. :thumbup: :mrgreen:

Ciao, ;)
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