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by fatmike

I'm impressed by the depth of knowledge on this forum, so I figured I'd ask for some input. I'm in the market for a new bike.

My profile:

I currently ride a Serotta Ti Legend. I'm looking for some suggestions on a new rig:

Here are my goals:

- Material: Probably carbon, but open to suggestions.
- PRIORITY 1 - Drivetrain: STIFF. I want a bike that is as stiff in the drivetrain as an Aluminum Cannondale. When I stomp on the pedals I want the bike to jump. I'm a big and powerful rider.
- PRIORITY 2 - Ride: All day comfortable. As comfortable as the Serotta after 100 miles in the saddle. I am in NJ and the road surface can be pretty rough. This will really beat you up if the bike isn't compliant.
- PRIORITY 3 - Handling: I don't want a crit bike. I want to be able to take my hands off the bars the first time I ride the bike at 10-12 mph and not think. I still want to be able to carve corners though, particularly at speed.
- Weight. I don't really care. I know this board cares a lot, but I'm a big guy (195lbs, but I'm only fat by spandex standards...) and anything I get will be lightweight enough. I'm not hung up on weight.
- Cost. I don't have a firm budget and I'm realistic about what things cost. For example, a Calfee Dragonfly or similar is in scope. I want the right bike and will pay for it. I'm not seeking out something that is uber expensive though.

I get the sense there are a lot of lightweight carbon frames that are stiff. But they have race (crit) geometry and comfort takes a back seat. Again, I want a stiff drivetrain, but comfortable and not race handling.

What frames do you suggest can meet my 3 priorities? And, can they handle my size/power?

Thanks for your feedback.

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by billspreston

For a stock carbon frame I might look at the Parlee Z5 and maybe a BMC SLR01. Pretty stiff, while still being all-day smooth and stable.

Custom carbon would make it easier to meet your goals. In that case I would suggest Parlee or Crumpton.

Then there is always custom Firefly Ti or stainless with oversized tubes and a PF30 bottom bracket.

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by keeper

My criteria was similar to yours. If you are not hung up on carbon you might explore a custom Lynskey. I like Serotta Ti, but WOW those prices. I am riding a Lynskey 07 level 3 custom and will never part with it.

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by 2011

I'd also second the suggestion of a Parlee Z5.

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by Grasschopper

2012 Giant Defy Advanced SL.

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by Wcl4

Look 695. Stiffer than my BMC SLR01 yet more comfortable (less road feedback). I'm 180.

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by RollingGoat

Custom. Then you don't have to comprimise on any of your criteria. Here's a list of custom builders by state so you can find one near you because to me at least, going to the workshop and meeting the guys who are building your frame is part of the experience. ... 4148&pp=15
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by c50jim

I probably sound like a broken record, but I'd suggest that a Colnago would fit your criteria pretty well. Although they don't make it any longer, the EPS would meet your ride criteria and be the sort of bike you could ride all day with your hands off the bars as you eat your lunch. C59 might ride a little rougher. The Taiwanese Colnagos should handle similarly but I've not ridden one so can't comment on that aspect.

I've had Parlees (Z1 and Z4) and their ride was good but the handling wasn't the same. I have a Pegoretti Responsorium and had a Pinarello Dogma. Slightly less stable handling than Colnagos but still steady and predictable.

I'd also suggest that, unless you have the ability to do all your own mechanical work, you consider the dealer carefully. I'm fortunate that although my dealer no longer sells Colnagos, he'll still build any new ones I buy and service the ones I own.

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by ozdavo

Trek Domane, not a lot of solid reviews yet, but the few 1st rides and marketing guff sound promising.

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by Powerful Pete

In the higher end of the price range where you are willing to go to there is no shortage of bikes that would meet your criteria.

All the bikes mentioned in this thread would work. I suggest that you connect to a LBS that you trust and attempt to test ride and/or analyse those frames that would fit you and your riding style best in terms of geometry.

Honestly, I could suggest a Colnago, a Parlee, a Pina, and a half dozen others, all excellent frames with their own quirks.
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by campyman099

Specialized SWorks Roubaix, good enough for Paris Roubaix and Tom Boonen, probably OK for you too, unless you are wanting something a bit unique. BMC Gran Fondo?
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by kevosinn

I have a colnago m10 and a Dogma 2 and would strongly suggest you check out either. Also ride quality comes down a lot to the wheels that you use. If I run my c24 dura ace wheels on either bike it has a much more compliant ride than my c50's but the c50's are a lot stiffer when sprinting out of the saddle. One of my friends also has a c59 colnago and It is an amazing bike. the m10 is stiffer but the c59 is more compliant......pick which makes more sense for your riding style. Just my thoughts :thumbup: Custom carbon frames, bar/stem combos, repair and component tuning.

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by darkblue08

A lot of the high end frames will fit the profile. I just pieced together a Madone 6.9ssl that fits it all except its a bit pricy. If I should mention some tier 2 frame it would be: Cervelo R3, Specialized SL4 pro, Scott CR1.
Im not into Italian, maybe its because I have never tried one. I just find them to expensive and heavy, and not as good looking as others.
One of the best frames right now: Cannondale, but it can be difficult to get, especially in a color scheme you like.

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by luckypuncheur

Another vote for the Look 695 here, especially as it still looks fantastic in larger frame sizes. Besides being a fantastic performer in all areas (weight, stiffness, comfort).
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by adriano

cant lose with anything named. a domane would be neat.

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