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by rhyslewisdavies

Hi all, im sure this has been done to death, but i havent found the exact answer in the forums.
Basically will the combo below work without any modifications:
Campagnolo Record 11 speed shifters
Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed brake mechs
Fulcrum RRS Chainset
Campagnolo Chorus 10 speed front mech
Campagnolo Record 10 speed rear mech
Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed chain
Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed cassette

It means I only have to buy 11 speed shifters, chain and cassette to get it up and running.

Does anyone run 11 speed but with 10 speed front and rear mechs without any problems?


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by Mackers

The rear mech will not work properly with 11s shifters.

I think a kludge was published when 11s just came out, that changed how the shifter cable attached to the rear mech, but you'll have to look for it.
(on this site, I think Dave S discussed it, but it's so long ago I can't be sure)

by Weenie

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by tommasini

I've run a bike with Campagnolo 10 speed shifters, crank, chain/cassette, and front der - but with 11 speed rear der - all was fine.

But as noted, the pull ratio on 10 versus 11 is ever so slightly different - such that it likley works in the favor a bit for a 11 speed der on an otherwise 10 speed setup (as Dave S has noted) - whereas you might get sluggish shifting - might...........

Now that the bike mentioned also has 11 spd chain/cassette and shifters but retains 10 spd crank and front der. The one thing I notice here is once in a while shifting from large to small chainring the chain glides for a brief moment in that wider space between the 2 chainrings - never been a problem but can see it happen for an instant.

In your case, if you have the 10 speed rear der (used - not new in the box) then I'd give it a shot. The other issue you might run into is that the pulley spacing is a bit wider on the 10 rear der and therefore if you already have tight clearances to the drive side spokes that der might come too close to the spokes to work - depends on the wheel so can't make a blanket statement there. If it doens't work sell it and pick up an 11 speed gem.

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by bikerjulio

Lots of discussion when 11 came out.

See here for example
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by natiedean24

Like others have said, you need an 11s RD.

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