I want white bar tape, which should I buy?

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by Blitzenbuddy

Deda white carbon. Stays clean and when it does get dirty, it cleans up easily with rubbing alcohol. Extremely durable too.

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by elviento

Deda tape is one of those things that once you use them, you just stay on forever. Maybe I am missing out but no complaints on the Dedas I got.
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by Weenie

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by michel2

White handle bar tape is Reserved for champions and champions only, secondly if you were to wrench for a champion you can clean any white tape pretty dam good with a product like cif.

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by Wingnut

IMO there is only one...the original Cinelli cork, I will never use another....and for $13 who cares if it gets dirty...
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by cerro

totoboa wrote:Post your tape weights. :thumbup:

Basso's white tape is the lightest I've found, not shortened and including both tapeprotection on the back and plastic around:

My Deda perforated without plastic around are around 44-45g unshortened and the tapeprotection on.
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by HaroldC

Fizik definitely stays cleaner than other white tapes, but I changed it because of two reasons:

1. Because it is so thin and incompressible, it was pretty uncomfortable. I ride with no gloves and felt a numbness in my wrists after 30 miles or so.
2. It gets slippery when a little wet. When it was hot out and my hands began sweating, I always worried about slipping off the bars.

Now I just run cork tape and replace it when it gets dirty. Way more comfortable and grippy even when wet.

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by gummee

If you can still find it: SRAM Superlight.

Similar to the Fizik, but a suede-ish feel. I've got 2 of 3 bikes wrapped with it right now. The last is the Fizik. Tough stuff but slicker. I don't wear gloves when its not cold, so if you wear gloves, its fairly irrelevant how slick the tape is.


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by doomith

Recently change to the Fizik white microtex tape over generic cork tape - the Fizik tape is more grippy and great for sprinting! Still pure white after a number of rides.

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by Tillquist


White bartape is nice but you can also see quickly that it gets dirty.

But what type bartape keep the white color longest and keeps to it washed.

Or should I just buy the cheapest white bartape and change it every 3-4 weeks?

What are your experiences?
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I ride with white bar tape on one bike, but then again I rotate riding my bikes, so perhaps at most I ride around 200-300km/ mo with white bartape. What works best for me, synthetic leather bartape, some cheaper ones from Fizik, Shimano PRO, etc, easy to clean using just with water soaked rag. Also wearing giro aero non-padded gloves helps keeping the bartape clean, as I wore full leather padded Rapha gloves and it really leaves stain marks on synthetic bar tapes... Hope that helps

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by vidman

Fizik microtex has stayed white for me for about 2 years now.
Its not particularly grippy but it does clean up easy and doesn't absorb the dirt.

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by asdf123

Yes, Fizik mictrotex is the best I've had in terms of keeping a nice white color.

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by jo.k

Deda Mistral also works really great, but neither the most grippy nor the most comfortable imo. Will usually survive many months of norwegian weather without losing its whiteness.

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by Zakalwe

White bar tape looks better once it's dirty, and you look like you actually ride your bike ;)

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by emorydptt

Fizik microtex or deda.
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by Weenie

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