I want white bar tape, which should I buy?

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by phourgenres

I want to get white bar tape, but I was hoping to find something that is more resistant to dirt than your typical cork tape. Suggestions?

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by astranoc

Lizard skins dsp, probably the best tape around. Bit more expensive than normal cork tapes but easily cleaned with a toothbrush and some CIF.

by Weenie

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by Timebandit415

Forté Grip-Tec Handlebar Tape from Performance Bike is nice, IMO. http://www.performancebike.com/bikes/Pr ... 1___400214

I have a set of Lizard Skins on my Caad 9, I would have bought another set if they weren't so darn expensive. (bought at cost) The two tapes feel very similar though the Forte tape has a gel backing and the DSP is pretty thin. Up to individual preference I guess.

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by artray

Fizik , easy to clean and stays white longer , Lizard skins are a nightmare to keep clean.
I now use black.

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by Frankie13

Lizard skin does feel nice but is a pain to clean and very easy to take material off during cleaning. I'm using white Deda at the moment and it cleans easy. If I would go black, I defiantly will buy Lizard skin again.

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by VTBike

Fizik microtex.

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by SolidSnake03

x2 the Fizik Microtex, if you want white bar tape that will actually last 1+ seasons with a tiny bit of maintenance and cleaning this is the best I have found. Fair warning though it's a pain in the butt to wrap since it doesn't stretch well and has a clear/no sticky back to it.
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by Stefano

I agree on the microtex, it is also really crash resistant in comparison to other tapes. it doesn't really tear,which is really nice. It is harder to wrap though, but not like fizik dual or anything. I have had white fizik microtex on my race bike for two seasons, still white, soap and water cleans it up nicely.

Hope this helps,


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by jmartpr

Another new option would be the new Selle Italia Smootape....available in .25 mm and .5 mm.....not cheap but looks very nice and feels good.

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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

+4 on the Fizik I have had it in white on a couple of times and as the others have said it is great, stays quite white and is easy to keep clean.

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by Geoff

The Pro tape wipes pretty clean, too.

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by goodboyr

It's expensive, but the handlebra leather tape stays white.

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by mgrennie

+ whatever on the Fizik. Had it for almost a year, and at least 4 re-wrappings. Only replaced it, because I bought new bars. I still haven't thrown it out, and it may go back on.

Do not get the Arundel tape in white. It is comfy and nice, but after 2 rides (~90mi), it looks way worse than my Fizik did.

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by eurperg

+1 for Fizik Microtex. Very nice feel, durable, easy to clean. Not the easiest to wrap though because it's not elastic. But it doesn't snap like Cinelli cork tape when you're pulling it tight.

by Weenie

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by TwiggyTN

Prologo Doubletouch for me. Stays fairly clean and very comfortable and easy to wrap and remove.

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