Road tubeless with carbon clinchers?

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by thisisatest

ive set up a couple people with firecrests tubeless. it works. it's a bit of a pain, though. the rim well is very deep- easy to get tires on, difficult to get them so seal up. instead of stans tape, ive had good luck going the enve route and using gorilla tape. it's thicker and has a bit of cushion. i just get the wide version and start the tape with a tear at whatever width i want. one roll = one "wide" half and one "narrow" half. convenient. and of course use stans threaded valve extenders...

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by Bearing

For the tubeless set-up on ZIPP's; I have questions, as after thousands of flat-free miles on Reynolds with Fusions, I have had two
flats on my new 2015 303's with Schwalbe One tires!

So, I will ask the LBS to convert to tubeless, based on the excellent NYCvelocity post, but a couple of questions from anyone out there with a successful experience:

1: Which rim tape worked best.
2: What type of valve extenders were used.
3: Stans' or Orange Seal?

Thanks in advance...

by Weenie

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by martinSL

    Rolf Prima ARES4 with Schwalbe ONE Tubeless 23 and 25mm - 1.5 years of training and racing - two unrepairable flats
    above Rolf Prima ARES4 with Hutchinson Sector 28s - 6 Kermesse (Roubaix) type races with 100+ miles on gravel/singletrack - three unrepairable flats
    Rolf Prima ARES6 with Schwalbe ONE Tubeless 23mm - 1.5 years of training and racing - no flats

A total of over 8K miles on both sets of wheels in all sorts of climatic, surface, and riding conditions.
Orange Seal sealant used.
Sectors required a bit more patience to setup due to stiffer sidewalls
Love the setup.

Orange Seal valves
Heavy duty vinyl tape - 2 layers per rim
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by ergott

aaric wrote:Perhaps...but after reading of the significant spoke tension changes on wheel builds using stan's tubeless rims as the tires are inflated, I am definitely skeptical.

That tension change is from the tight, tubeless bead fitting on the tubeless shelf on the rim. That won't be the case with a non-tubeless ready rim. The biggest issue will be burping and losing pressure since there's no friction fit.

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by MNX1024

November does it with their Rail series. Going to try that out once I use up all my current non tubless tires.

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by maddog 2

I've just bought some carbon Light Bicycle rims which I'll be setting up tubeless, so we'll see how that goes.

They are specced as 'tubeless' rims so should be fine.

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by Marin

It's a tire blowing out in exactly the same way as a pinched tube, though.

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by lbs0927

It's possible And many people use carbon clincher(from china)

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by Max123

Has anyone tried the Bontrager Aeolus 3 TLR D3 Clincher? They are tubeless compatable and look nice, but I haven't found any user reviews so it's hard to know how good they actually are.

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