Advice needed - like an aliante but not an aliante

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by Lafolie

Folks......I very much would like some feedback on any saddles out there which have the same comfort as a Fizik Aliante. I have just ordered a Prologo Scratch Nack as I understand these offer superb comfort performance.

I have been using the Aliante for quite a few years now. but just fancy a change. Many thanks

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by maxxevv

The Prologo Scratch TR (Scratch HWD) would be closer to the Aliante (in any flavour) ... The shapes and construction methods are quite similar.

The 'Nack' is a little less padding and firmer overall compared to the "HWD" version. Their constructions are quite similar with the Scratch using a much firmer carbon shell compared to the Aliante's plastic. Think you'll be happy with the Scratch, just that whether you prefer the softer, cushier padding of the HWD or the firmer, thinner padding of the Nack.

Do note however, that the "Scratch" and "Scratch Pro" are rather different riding saddles altogether. Their main similarity is in the overall molded shape of the saddle. Construction, ride comfort, materials are different.

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by fordred

I rode a scratch pro and an aliante and they felt similar to me. Both didn't work and causes numbness.. :)

Bigger Gear
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by Bigger Gear

As maxxevv points out the Scratch and Scratch Pro are quite different saddles. The Scratch with carbon/kevlar weave base is quite Aliante-like. It is slightly longer and maybe not quite as concave front-back. The Scratch Pro has a carbon-impregnated nylon base and it is flatter and a little more firm than either the Scratch or Aliante.

I have done a lot of miles on both the Aliante and the Scratch Pro TR. I am comfortable on both for 4-5 hour rides. However, when I do a really big week while riding the Scratch Pro TR I seem to be more prone to developing a saddle sore. With the Aliante (carbon), I never have issues. I think it is mostly due to the fact that at 134 mm wide, the Scratch Pro TR is on the verge of being too narrow. I really like the Aliante for all around riding and racing, my only complaint is that it is very sensitive to setup with respect to the saddle tilt. I can even notice a difference on how the tilt feels if I'm wearing thick multi-density chamois bib shorts or thin mono-density chamois bib shorts. I set mine up with a digital level and I find ~1.5 degrees nose up works well.

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by Lafolie

Thanks guys, much appreciated!

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by Lafolie

Just one other saddle that has caught my eye - Selle San Marco Regal-E Carbon FX Saddle - I understand this is very comfortable.

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by Calnago

I used to use an Aliante for years and felt it was very comfortable but like you, fancied a change when I got a new 2008 C50. The Selle Italia SLR Team caught my eye aesthetically for a match to the bike so I tried it. And it worked so well for me that it's my saddle of choice now. When I first built my C59 I built it with the Regale FX Carbon because I thought it looked so badass on that bike. Had a Prologo Scratch Pro as well but never did ride that. Set up properly, for me, the Regale looked like the nose pointed up a bit which I didn't like aesthetically but tried it anyway. I really wanted to like the saddle but whoa Nellie, it just didn't work at all for me. After a couple of longish rides I admitted defeat and got a black SLR Kit Carbonio and it's working fine. Much flatter on top than the Aliante (which has quite a "saddle"), but i like it more. I tried an Antares once and for me, it was the worst of all worlds.

Have fun testing.
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by Liggero

same here, aliante user for a few years already and it's my favourite saddle but would like to change for something lighter or cooler looking. I tried the fizik antares and it works great, at least in the road, for mountain bike i would go for aliante carbon, but antares carbon it's a great option too. Many people love tune speedneedle marathon, but i haven't tried it.
Happy Trails !!!

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by kac

Fizik Kurve Bull? Supposedly the latest Aliante-like saddle but I've seen essentially nothing about it here on WW. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, but it seems not too many on-line shops are carrying them. Thoughts?


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by Lafolie

Well, I have just taken delivery of a Prologo Scratch Nack saddle. So far so good! It appears, light, comfortable and well made. Finally! :-)

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