removing sticky sticker residue

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by beardking

got some fulcrum racing 7s as today as my new set of training wheels.
I've taken the stickers off but theres some sticky glue left on the rim.

whats best to use to get this off? I've tried nail polish remover that contains acetone but that isn't doing anything.

I have paint stripper also but i'm not sure if the rim or spokes are painted?

by Weenie

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by fallen86

Have you tried Goo Gone? Its made for these kinda jobs. You can find it in most stores

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by Geoff

You can just use paint thinner (White Spirit, Stoddard Solvent, etc.). You can probably also use a small amount of WD-40 on a rag (don't spray it near the braking surfaces).

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by LouisN

+1 thinner. Works great.

Louis :)

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by rambotan

A little WD40 will do the trick....

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by parajba

A tiny bit of olive oil will do magic trust me.

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by thewatchtech

I have yet to meet a sticker goo that lighter fluid won't remove, but not many have it sitting around the house these days!

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by Camilo

I'll give my list in case you have any of these things in your house. Most have already been mentioned. I've taken sticker residue off from small sticker and very large - ranging from guitar tops to full-on racing stripes on my car.

Mineral spririts, aka paint THINNER (NOT paint remover!)
rubbing alcohol
"goo-gone" and similar products - read the label for application
Lighter fluid (naptha?)

Most of these things work better if they soak a little. Put some solvent on the residue and let it sit for a while. If gravity is making that impossible,w et a rag with the solvent, lay it on the reside and let it sit for a while.

Like I said, I've used all these things on items ranging from cars to guitar tops, and have never harmed the finish. You should test in an inconspicuous place though if you have any concerns.

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by SWijland

+1 for white spirit combined with some elbow grease. Thinner can ruine some types of paint.

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by uncle-gee

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser quickly soaked into water and rub the sticky residue.

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by kac

thewatchtech wrote:I have yet to meet a sticker goo that lighter fluid won't remove, but not many have it sitting around the house these days!

Agree on utility of lighter fluid and its extremely cheap, too! A large bottle (a lifetime supply!) of Ronson is about $3.00. It also does a super job of cleaning chains and cassettes. Because its so volatile, it leaves little or no residue. I have no idea though if its safe on carbon surfaces: I've only used it on metal. That noted, a drop or two has fallen on my frame and, quickly wiped, has left no trace.


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by paulkilroy

+1 for goo off.

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by sh33mon

Another vote for Goo Gone or Goo Off... both work great!

by Weenie

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