DIY Carbon Hoods

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by 53x12

fallen86 wrote:
Yes! i'm a big fan of his design, i think it'll be a lot stronger than my current setup but I'll have to use mine to see.

Are you drilling the mount yourself from a solid piece of aluminum?
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by fallen86

I used a cnc machine if that's what you mean. The finish is quite rough I'll admit.

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by highdraw

A pop quiz OP. Aside from hood shape, why are Campagnolo Ultrashift hoods vastly more comfortable than stock DA9001 hoods or the reduced size CF hoods you are creating?

Hint: a condition you create with your new hood design is directionally opposite of both Campy and lessor degree stock DA hoods.

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by briantumma

Without detracting from the hoods, the Garmin mount is really impressive. Love the DIY work ethic

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by genebdr

Excellent work!

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by UncleJohn

Your levers are Sram Force? Is the doubletap in alluminium?


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by xena


Sorry for the bad photo, I just use some sticky cloth tape. Takes a few seconds to wrap and is way lighter than normal hoods just a few grms of tape. it works well , no issues at all.
Cost of a roll of tape is less than £5. That is going to do way more hoods than you would need.
I have used this tape before and it does not leave a sticky mess. I have wrapped my bars with it.
Easy peasy light weight no fuss solution for ww hoods
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