Wheel that are had to fit a tire on

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by darkblue08

I have a New Ultimate clincher wheelset that is very difficult to fit a tire on. Tried Vittoria Diamond Pro 23mm - It was impossible to mount on the wheels (Easy to mount on Dura-Aces wheels). Now Im using Schwalbe Ultremo ZX 23mm. I can get them on, but they are very difficult to remove. I believe the only reason I could get them on was they I had used them on the Dura-Aces wheels.
Does anybody has a good tip on tires that are easier then average to mount/remove. Do I need to go with a different tire width?

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by 5 8 5

Plenty of good info in this thread -


Thinner rim tape, stretching on other wheels and "technique" are good places to start.

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by stlutz

I don't know that there are really tires that are easier/harder to remove. It seems to be tire/rim combos that are the problem. For example, Michelin tires and Campy rims have always been a problem. But people report no problems with other rims and Michelin--that may even solve your problem! Mavic rims are easy with just about anything.

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by HarryS

Yes I agree, I found the rims make the biggest difference. In the thread above my problem was that the wheels I was using are pretty narrow, 13mm inner bead width. From now on I'll be sticking to more common rims that are about 16mm wide inside. Makes a world of difference.

Good luck, darkblue08...I know your pain! :?

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by darkblue08

Thanks. The thread wa very helpfull. Tried to remove the rim tape, and test. It made a world of difference. Now I have ordered veloplugs and will test them. If they work as expected, it will be like getting a new set of high profile carbon wheels.

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