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by mickey


Going down dirt roads fast is the main reason I ride my road bike.
The Skeletor and Havocstaff frames are nice and planted and drift predictably, because they need to, because I spend 60+ percent of my time riding to the top of hills on paved roads to bomb down dirt roads.

You can go as fast as your wheels and confidence will allow you to go. Even with 28c tires you can still thrash a wheel when you flat in gravel at 50mph. Trust me.

Because I don't believe in slack angles and low bottom brackets and long stays the bikes are still maneuverable once you get loose and sideways, like a 90's XC race bike.
"Stable" bikes are the kind of bikes that pull you into a ditch once you lose traction. I feel like our bikes have the right amount of trail to be stable at high speeds while still enabling you to throw your weight around to stuff the bike into corners, countersteer and drift until you hit some blue groove or a rut to send you on your merry way. It seems like many "off road" road bikes have a tendency to understeer when you're really on the edge. I feel like a modicum of oversteer is preferable. Oversteer only happens when you have good forward weight distribution, and I'll take a surplus of front wheel grip any day.

In other words, slam that stem.
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