Syntace P6 Carbon Hiflex - rail clamp too wide!!

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by audunth


I just bought a Syntace P6 Carbon Hiflex seat post and a Specialized Romin Evo Pro saddle for my road bike. However, when I tried to mount the saddle to the seat post, I noticed the rails are a little too close together. Tried the Scott saddle that came with the bike, and same thing. It seems the clamp on top of the seat post is about a millimeter or so too wide. Tightening the bolts will pull the rails apart so they fit (tried with the Scott saddle) but I'm afraid to damage the carbon rails of the Specialized saddle.

Is it okay to let the force of tightening the bolts bend the carbon rails a little apart? Or will that make them prone to breaking? Carbon is supposed to flex a little, right? Or not that way maybe??

Isn't the distance between the mounting rails of bike seats supposed to be standarized?

Anyone else run into this problem?


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by tnmtbr

Hi Audun,
Sorry can't help with your question but do you mind if I ask where you found the Hiflex post? I have been looking for several months now for a 31.6x400mm. Thanks Shane

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by edmundo

I have a Romin Evo Pro with a Syntace P6 (non-hiflex) and do not have this problem. You've tried two saddles with same problem so sounds like the post. As you've just bought it, and you're unhappy, your retailer should just replace it.
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by thasle

I would guess the forces going into the rails is a lot higher when you ride it, compared to what effort it takes to move each of them 1/2 mm to fit the cradle.
Syntace has some of the most supportive design out there, so I would not hesitate using this setup.

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