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Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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jsinclair wrote:
prendrefeu wrote:Am I the only person openly wondering what the frame's weight will be?

not as light as it could be.

An overweight overpriced tank.
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by bikejam

strobbekoen wrote:
ms6073 wrote:
Tinea Pedis wrote:
strobbekoen wrote:Okay, it could be done, risking losing a couple fingers trying..

Part of me hopes we see it during the Dauphine or the Tour...

While I agree that road debris may be an issue, for brake adjustments, from this image I got the impression that there is an inline cable adjuster on the brake cable up front thus no need for the rider to hang onto the team car while mecahnic adjusts the brakes.

Good point. Although, opening the brake with a button a la campa or lever a la shimano is so much easier. Racers usually just flick the brake open after a wheel change or before a sprint etc.. It just doesn't seem practical or offer any benefits in road racing to me.

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by jsinclair

So unless there is another fork with conventional mounting and top clearance, does that make this a dura-ace only bike?

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by ajh

it is a shimano only brake bike. You can always run sram or campy other parts

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by ave

As for the messy front end, maybe they will offer a brake which is designed specifically for this head tube/fork and is very aero.

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by euan

Given that they have had to get the 5 and 6 newly certified as well I'd suggest they will be the models that take conventional brakes but have similar Kamm tube shapes
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by BornaRuffian

Little more information here

Weight is apparently 750 grams for a 56! I think the integrated front brake it quite a good idea, but as said previously the rear one seems like an odd choice. However I bet those brakes are so heavy they negate any advantage of a low frame weight. It is a very clean looking frame at least.

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