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considering the American Classic Aluminum cassette!

Posted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 11:45 pm
by bobalou
I generally switch between two cassettes, both Record Ti/Steel cassettes, one is an 11-23 and the other a 13-29. I use the 13-29 for the extremely hilly rides I occasionally do. To avoid uneven wear (and obviously for capacity issues) I switch the chain out also (and derailleur).

Here's the question .. I was pondering using the American Classic cassette for some crits (127g). It's very light but I wonder about performance and wear. their own site says 1000 miles. Is the weight savings worth it .. i.e., if performance sucks I may not even attempt it. Also, is it recommended to get a new chain every time the cassette is replaced?

Another question: what do you think is the ideal cassette for a good compromise between weight and wear? I was considering the All Ti Record but it's awful pricey. I've had excellent performance with Record Ti/Steel (so far).