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by dgasmd

As I kick around the idea of getting a new bike, I was beginning to wander what the fit differences would be between one of my candidates and one of my current frames. My current frame to compare it to is the TIME RXR in X-Small size dimensions below. The one I am trying to compare it to is the Colnago C59 in size 53 horizontal TT. I like the fit in my TIME with the exception that it has a 110 mm stem, which if I was to do all over again I would swap to a 100 mm, so I am taking that into account when comparing to the Colnago. In other words, if I was to compare the dimensions below, I would be looking at the Colnago with a 100 mm stem as if the fit on the current TIME was with a 100 mm stem as well.

TIME Colnago

Head tube 133 133

Top Tube 53.5 53.5

Seat Tube 51.0 51.0

Seat tube
angle 73.5 74.07


Assuming the same bars, same seat, components, and both with 100 mm stems, how would I expect the fit on the Colnago to compare to the TIME? What would I have to change in either to end up with the same, or relatively close, fit?

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PS: I would be doing most, if not all, of the fitting and building myself. I would, however, go to a nearby town (1 hr) away for final tweaking. I want to get it as close as possible so I don't have to buy parts again or change anything if at all possible.

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by OrPe

As all i can see differences in is the seat angle (steeper with the Colnago, at about 0.5 degree)...
That translates into an effectively longer TT for you on the nago (your position with regards to BB should remain the same; As the TT is measured from the junction seat tube - top tube, it starts effectively further on the Colnago).

so... a shorter stem should put you in the same place. a rule of thumb is 1cm per 1 degree, so i am guesstimating 5mm difference in stem length (shorter for the Colnago).


EDIT... damn reading skills.
the answer to your question is that the colnago will be effectively longer by ~ 5mm (4.8718mm)...

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