Has anybody came up with a great to find leaks in latex tube

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by cep111

I have several newer tubes here that have super small leaks. They completely leak out in a few hours but yet I can't find out where the leak is. I have been inflating them in warm water with soap and closely looking for leaks and bubbles. This works sometimes but latex punctures differently than butyl. They can hold air fine when the pressure is low but high pressure that you can only get like when it's mounted it will leak. Looking for suggestions.

PS: I make patches with old bits of latex and that works awesome once I find the leak.

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by Multebear

When you are running the tube through the water, try to stretch it out a bit. That will make the hole bigger and let bigger bubbles get out.

And try to rotate the tube. If the hole is on the inside of the circle, you'll compress the hole. Rotate the tube, so that the inside gets to the outside and stretches more.

Sometimes it's the walve, that is leaking which you won't notice, because you're focused on the tube.

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by F45

I would add some sealant and let that fix it.

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by cep111

I just read a test from Slow-twitch about the Bontrager and other sealants are super effective when used in latex tubes. More effective than when used in butyl.

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by basilic

that's happened to me before.
Pump up, plunge in water, remove all microbubbles that stick to the tube, wait a few mins, inspect carefully. The micro-leak will end up forming a small bubble. mark the spot immediately...

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